20 Palworld Pals That Could Be Pokemon Clones or Fusions

Palworld is the latest monster-catching game to take the world by storm, racking up a whopping five million sales in only three days from its early access release on Jan. 19, 2023.

However, several of the creature designs in Palworld have caught the eye of Pokemon fans for sharing many parallels and similarities, which has stirred some controversy between the two titles in terms of possible copyright infringement.

While there is quite a heated debate going on between players in terms of the two games, we thought we’d take a lighter spin on this topic. We’ve rounded up 20 Palworld designs that do indeed share qualities with Pokemon, and will be investigating what makes them look like supposed clones or Pokefusion designs, as well as what may set them apart — let’s dive right in!

Foxparks & Nickit

Nickit and Foxsparks comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

While many people may have compared Foxparks to the iconic fire fox Pokemon, Vulpix, at first glance, I believe this little critter has much more in common with Nickit, despite them not sharing a Type. Firstly, Foxparks and Nickit both share an orange coat, though the latter takes a more rusted shade.

Most significantly, though, the two both share long ears with black tips, a big tail that poofs out at the end, with a black-tipped marking, and little bootie-like feet — though Foxparks tend to catch fire, so I must admit that adds some extra points for creativity there. Lastly, the two both have light-colored eyebrows and stomach markings, which draws another similarity. I say these two could be long-lost siblings, for sure!

Lamball & Wooloo

Woololo and Lamball comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

Ah, yes, the adorable fluffy sheep of their respective worlds. Lamball and Wooloo do share quite a lot of traits, despite being quite simple sheep designs. Most significantly, Lamball mirrors Wooloo’s black body with white wool, when another color (natural to a sheep or even unnatural such as pink) could have been used to stop such drastic comparisons from being made.

Both also share tiny little horns on their head, small yellow beady eyes, and a teeny little smile. However, the most significant difference here is that Lamball stands on two stubbly little legs, leaning more into the ‘ball of wool with arms and legs’ route, than Wooloo, who stands on four limbs and is about as characteristically sheep as it gets.

Cattava & Zorua + Jigglypuff

Zorua, Cattava, and Jigglypuff comparison
Image Source: pocketpair games, The Pokemon Company

One of the Pals in Palworld that have a striking, almost Pokefusion-like appearance due to sharing aspects with multiple Pokemon is Cattava, one of the most common Pals you’ll encounter as you start. This guy looks like a mix between both Zorua and Jigglypuff, creating a very interesting combination.

The tuft of hair on its head looks to be inspired by both Pokemon, the gradient blue eyes with white pupils and small pointed ears with dark insides mimic that of Jigglypuff, and the facial features, cheek tufts, slated eyebrows, and smug appearance compare to Zorua. When looking at Cattava on its own, these similarities are less apparent, but when viewing the three side by side, it becomes a little more obvious just how many aspects these three creatures have in common.

Lifmunk & Leafeon + Pachirisu

Lifmunk, Pachirisu and Leafeon comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

Lifmunk is an adorable little grass rodent creature in Palworld, known for being a great worker (but also having the chance to turn on its Trainer once it learns how to use guns — oop!). However, this little critter looks as if it could almost be a fusion between the adorable little Pachirisu and Leafeon from Pokemon.

Lifmunk has Pachirisu’s body and head shape, including its tiny little nose, small, circular limbs, and big, long, curved fluffy tail. In addition to this, Lifmunk had traits shared with the Grass Type Eeveelution, Leafeon, through the darker green, leaf-like tufts of fur on its cheeks, which Leafeon has on its legs and back. Lifmunk also has long, leaf-shaped ears, and big beady eyes just like Leafeon, just taking an orange color rather than Leafeon’s earthy brown.

Fuack & Ducklett + Psyduck

Ducklett, Psyduck and Fuack comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

Everyone loves a cute little ducky, right? Well, Palworld has one in the form of its Fuack creature, a blue duck with fluffy ears and a wide bill who comes in handy for performing Watering Tasks. Much like many Pals, Fuack looks like any old classic monster design, but upon closer examination, tends to share qualities found in both the Ducklett and Psyduck Pokemon, two other duck critters.

Fuack has a blue coloration, very similar to Ducklett, and has ears that take a very similar shape to the tuft of hair on Ducklett’s head. When it comes to Psyduck, Fuackl shares its wide yellow bill, arms rather than wings, and tiny little feet. I think these three should organize a hangout, they’d get along great.

Jolthog & Shaymin

Shaymin and Jolthog comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

Jolthog and Shaymin are both little hedgehog creatures that share very close similarities. While a hedgehog is a relatively distinctive and simplistic creature to begin with, the resemblance between these two is quite uncanny, almost to the point where Jolthog’s concept could be confused for a re-typed Shaymin.

Jolthog and Shaymin both share a small, rounded white body in classic hedgehog fashion. Yet, they also share extreme appearances due to their eye shape, nose size, and tiny little smile. Where Shaymin has a leafy back, Jolthog has sharp, pointed quills that loosely resemble bolts of lightning. I don’t know about you, but these two certainly look like long-lost siblings.

Vixy, Nox, Cremis & Eevee

Eevee, Nox, Vicy and Cremis comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

In Palworld, there are multiple cute fox critters who all seem to have resemblances to the popular Pokemon, Eevee. Vixy, Nox, and Cremis all take on certain characteristics while also having their unique treats, which makes them look like they could almost be alternate forms or distant cousins to Eevee.

Vixy has little paws, neck fluff, and a poofy tail with a lighter-tipped marking in common with Eevee, though this creature also appears to have two sets of hair, differently shaped and stylized eyes, and white facial markings. Nox takes a spookier approach with a lavender and purple color palette and cape-like accessories to the design, yet also bears the long, pointed ears, fluffy head, neck fluff, and poofy tail with the lighter tip.

Lastly, Cremis looks like Eevee adapted to live in the Arctic, taking a white color palette, and keeping the same eye style, head fluff, and mouth and nose. Cremis’ ears are wider than Eeevee, though, and the neck fluff is grown out to the maximum, making this fox look more like a wooly little sheep!

Killamari & Inkay

Inkay and Killamari comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

Adorable flying squid? Both Inkay and Killamari fit the bill, so I’m sure these two could be just the best of friends. However, perhaps Inkay will have to do all of the talking or social interaction for Killamari, as the latter seems to be lacking a mouth. Despite this difference, these two creatures share many more similarities, such as the long, tentacle-like arms that are pointed in the same shape, a tiny body with pointed tentacle-like ends, and big, beady eyes that add a certain charm to these little squids.

On top of this, both Killamari and Inkay have a ‘hat’-like feature that resembles the shape of a real squid. However, while both have a little pattern on them, Killamari’s has little ears, which I must admit…is pretty freakin’ adorable.

Depresso & Espurr

Espurr and Depresso comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

Look at these adorable cat-like creatures — they look almost like those memes about the ‘soft best friend and edgy best friend’. It’s clear certain elements of Espurr were used as an inspiration when creating Depresso, as they both share the same body and head shape, tiny natural mouth, and short, paw-like limbs.

Both Espurr and Depresso also share curled over ears, and a tuft of hair on top of their head. However, the clear difference between them resides not just in their color palettes, but also in their expression. While Espurr looks like he’s forever stuck in an existential crisis due to trying not to go all overkill with his immense psychic power, Depresso looks, well, depresso — like a grumpy little soul with a raincloud trailing over its head.

Incineram & Zoroark

Incineram and Zoroark comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

At first glance, Incineram doesn’t look too much like Zoroark, instead taking more of a Houndoom-but-goat appearance, especially from a front view. However, upon seeing this Pal from the side and back view, aspects of Zoroark can be seen, such as the hunched posture, elbow tufts, sharp claws, and long, ponytail-like fur sprouting from the back of their heads.

In addition to this, Incineram and Zoroark also share very similar color palettes. I bet these two would go around together, intimidating much smaller Pals and Pokemon to steal their food — Incineram with his fire powers, and Zorua with his Dark and illusionary powers.

Direhowl & Lycanroc

Lycanroc and Direhowl comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

This is one of the Pals in particular that has raised some suspicious eyebrows from Pokemon fans, and honestly, in this circumstance, I understand. Direhowl (top left) looks less like an original creation and more like an alternate form for the popular wolf Pokemon, Lycanroc. So much could have been done to prevent comparisons between the two, such as changing the areas in which Direhowl has fluff (not the neck), changing the ear shape and size, and switching the markings up to something different from white legs, tail, and face.

Even the stance is comparable to Midday or Dusk Lycanroc, which gives more ammunition for those claiming theft on this concept. Perhaps a different pose, such as sitting or standing less like it’s looking to pounce on some prey, would do this critter justice. Either way, I think it would look right at home running in a pack of Lycanroc — interpret that as you will.

Ribbunny & Sylveon

Ribunny and Sylveon comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

While the animals in which these two take the shape are quite different — a fox and a rabbit, the overall similarities between Sylveon and Ribbunny are fairly strong. Sadly, it seems the Bow and ribbon aspects of Sylveon have been nearly copy-pasted onto Ribbunny, and I’ll point out why. While it’s true that bows and ribbons aren’t exclusive to Sylveon, Ribbunny has ribbons in the same shape as the latter, with circular edges and colored tips. The bow placement on the neck is also the same, and the pink on Ribbunny’s face matches the markings of Sylveon.

The two also share pink feet, long ears, and very similar eyes, just in different colors. To prevent callouts from the Pokemon community, Ribbunny could have had the bow-like elements on other places, such as its tail, or back — as this would have made things much less comparable, especially because Ribunny has a completely different body type to Sylveon.

Leezpunk & Toxtricity

Leezpunk and Toxtricity design comparison
Image Source: pocketpair games, The Pokemon Company

Quite similar to the Lycanroc and Direhowl situation, Leezpunk shares just a few too many similarities to Toxtricity, to the point where people could easily be convinced these two were reptilian brothers. While Leezpunk does have the addition of some red secondary tones and a hoodie, the matter of the face is that the overall concept for this creature — a punk rock lizard with a purple body and yellow scales, is borrowed from Toxtricity.

Had Leezpunk contained a different color palette, such as a white body with neon green spikes, then the addition of a hoodie and secondary color undertones would have been more than enough to separate this being as a unique concept without any links to Pokemon.

Dinossom & Meganium + Goodra

Meganium. Goodra and Dinossom comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

Dinossom is one big lovable leafy dino, and yet another Pal who tends to take on the appearance of a Pokefusion. While the overall body shape is very similar to Pokemon’s Goodra, right down to the curled tendrils on its head, Dinossom contains the color palette of Meganium.

In fact, from the neck upwards, Meganium and Dinossom’s appearances are uncannily similar, with even their eye shape and style being near identical. Dinossom also has Meganium’s little arm and toe claws, but this beast tends to stand on two legs rather than four. Lastly, instead of having the pink flowers around its neck, Dinossom wears them on top of its head, like a beautiful, leafy crown.

Robinquill & Decidueye

Decidueye and Robinquill comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

Sigh….this one is also cutting it a bit close, no matter how cool Robinquill may be. The main ‘problem’ that has been identified between these two is that while they also share an archer theme, Robinquill’s color palette is borrowed from Decidueye in completion, almost in exact colors too. The black of Decidueye’s beak makes up Robinquill’s body, the green cloak is Robinquill’s head and legs, and the orange accent from Decidueye makes up Robinquill’s cloak.

The tan feathers with cream tips is also the same on Robinquill, just reversed — so it’s safe to say this Pal design has Pokemon influences. Now that I examine Robinquill even closer, too, is it just me, or are those legs essentially just a green set of Blaziken legs? Interesting. I’m trying hard to convince myself that Robinquill isn’t some ‘Pokefusion’ fanmade design at this point, and I also find it disappointing because I can’t even imagine these two as friends. Rivals, perhaps, but not friends.

Foxcicle & Alolan Ninetails + Glaceon

Alolan Ninetales, Galceon and Foxcicle comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

What’s that, a frosty ice dog-fox thing?! That’s not Alolan Ninetails, that Snowlolan Twotails! All jokes aside though, I am quite a fan of Foxcicle’s design — it’s charming, elegant, and adorable all in one, whilst maintaining that mysterious ice-cold energy for an extra element of coolness.

However, there’s also no denying that Foxcicle here looks like a fusion between Glaceon and Alolan Ninetales. Its fur grows in the same shade as Alolan Ninetale’s icy blue, and this canine fosters multiple tails, which doesn’t help it stand out as something entirely original. In addition to the frosty blue from Alolan Ninetails, Foxcicle also has long hair-like tufts below its ears, which resemble Glaceon, and seafoam markings on the end of these and its tails, which could be inspired by Glaceon’s palette.

Fenglope & Cobalion

Fenglope and Cobalion comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

Palworld’s Fenglope looks surprisingly like Cobalion — but dare I say, almost better looking? Minus those twig legs, of course. While the color palette is very close to Cobalion, which probably isn’t great, I do like the appearance of this critter much more than its Pokemon ancestor.

Not only is the face easier to read and more interesting to look at, but the cloud-like wrap around its neck, back, and legs is a nice touch. Damn, those legs are bothering me though — how is this thing supposed to climb up a hill? It looks like its horns could make it topple over! Get working on leg day, Fenglope — at this point, Cobalion is outdoing you!

Anubis & Lucario

Lucario and Anubis comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

I love Lucario a lot — I mean, how could you not love a fighting doggo based on the jackalhead god of death? While Lucario’s visual links to this theme aren’t overbearing, Anubis goes in the other direction, even sharing its Pal name with this deity, and honestly — I think it works for the better. In this circumstance, it’s no wonder the two have some similarities, as they are based on the same deity/concept, which is why I think this is one of the more interesting and well-done Pokemon vs Pal comparisons to have come from Palworld.

The way Anubis leans fully into that Egyptian aesthetic is so satisfying, making this Pal look like absolute badass royalty, all dressed up in tones of black, gold, and blue. Honestly, the balance of colors on this one is so damn good it surpasses the iconic Lucariodon’t hate me! The black + gold, blue + gold, and blue + black all work together perfectly, and are placed in all of the right locations to bring harmony to the overall design, which makes this Pal stand out.

Jormuntide & Gyarados

Jormuntide and Gyarados comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

Jormuntide and Gyarados sure do share some interesting similarities. Both appear to be sea serpent/sea dragon-like monsters with a mostly blue body. The other glaring similarities come down to the whisker-like features on both of their faces, glaring red eyes, and the underbelly scales’ shape and coloration However, Jormuntide has some accents of yellow, which almost adds that powerful, Rayquaza-like look to it.

Both of these two would surely be fearsome beasts to encounter in the ocean, with Jormuntide almost looking as if it could fit in as Gyarados’ mean cousin. The only question is, would they battle each other over sea territory, or work together to make that territory extremely harsh and dangerous to outsiders?

Boltmane & Luxray

Luxray and Boltmane comparison
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Pocketpair

Boltmane was one of several Pals shown in Palworld trailers that gained quite a harsh response from viewers. The reason for this is that it looks almost like a mirror of Luxray, one of the most popular Pokemon of Generation 4, and potentially of all time. Honestly, I don’t know if there’s much to say here, as you can pretty much see it for yourself – the eye shape and style, black fur and where it sits, the pointed mane-like spikes — yep… this pretty much looks like a Regional variant of Luxray.

Surprisingly, once Palworld entered Early Access on Jan. 19, 2023, Boltmane was not among the creatures released into the game, despite being one of the most highly anticipated creatures to come (even after receiving such hate!).

Players who have completed their Paldeck have noticed that this creature is missing from the data entries completely, meaning it has possibly been removed from the game, or set aside to receive a redesign. The reasoning for this is as you guessed, very likely to do with its design, though nothing on this has been confirmed yet, so maybe it will simply make an appearance in a future update.

About the author

Grace Black

Grace is a writer and digital artist from New Zealand with a love for fiction and storytelling. Grace has been writing for Twinfinite for one year and in the games industry for two years. She’s an enthusiast of everything spooky, an occasional anime enjoyer, and a die-hard Ghost-Type Pokemon fangirl. Her favorite video games include Overwatch 2, Life is Strange, The Last of Us, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Pokemon – all of which she will never tire of.

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