16 Movies That Viewers Couldn’t Finish, According To Reddit

A movie has to be exceptionally unwatchable for viewers to back out before the credits roll, and the films Redditors have highlighted as the most notorious 15 movies people couldn’t finish contain some endurance tests even for the most ardent cinephiles. Whether it’s down to terrible editing, a bizarre premise, or completely misunderstanding the source material on which the movie is based, users turned off these films as early as 20 minutes in – and the movie fans of Reddit have gone to great lengths to explain why they’re not worth watching until the end.

Interestingly, the advent of streaming has led to a significant spike in movies branded unworthy of a full viewing. With more movies than arriving on streaming services, giving up on a movie early has become more commonplace because it’s easier than ever — something that’s made many filmmakers rethink their strategy when it comes to pacing, to say the least. However, that doesn’t mean that critically acclaimed movies don’t get turned off before the credits being either. Between Wonder Woman 1984, The Matrix Resurrections, and even The Irishman, not even the most patient of Redditors could sit through these movies.



16 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

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Ben Stiller on a mountain in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Ben Stiller starred in the comedy The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in 2013, and it was met with polarizing reviews. While some critics praised its ambition and spectacle, others complained that Stiller’s character never once acted like an “ordinary man,” which is exactly what Walter Mitty was supposed to be. While the movie was under two hours, Nydus_The_Nexus wrote that they couldn’t get past the opening before turning the movie off, explaining, “Personally, I found it cripplingly/offensively boring and didn’t make it past the 10-minute mark,” making it one of many movies people couldn’t finish.

15 Me Time (2022)

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Sonny and Huck vandalize Armando's house in Me Time

Netflix’s original Me Time, a movie about a stay-at-home dad who goes on a wild weekend, had all the makings to be a hit, but it seemingly came and went without a sound. However, while it quickly disappeared into obscurity, Renome remembers it for all the wrong reasons, claiming it’s one of the movies people couldn’t finish. The Redditor notes, “turned it off around halfway in.” Though the movie saw Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in the lead roles, and it sat at the number one spot on Netflix the day it came out, the Netflix original received terrible reviews, and the audience score even hit a low 29%.

14 Anger Management (2003)

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Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler look angry in a monestary in Anger Management

Anger Management is an Adam Sandler comedy from 2003 that also stars the acting might of Jack Nicholson. The movie is about Dave Buznik (Sandler), who struggles to keep his anger in check and goes to anger management classes led by Dr. Buddy Rydell (Jack Nicholson). The movie is arguably among the worst Adam Sandler movies — too discomforting for many viewers to watch all the way through, as Dave is pushed around the entire runtime. After one Redditor said they couldn’t get through Anger Management either time they tried to watch it, Nydus_The_Nexus wrote, “A movie about the protagonist basically getting gaslit and psychologically abused was somehow meant to be funny? Yikes.”

13 Halloween Kills (2021)

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Laurie Strode walks through a hospital in Halloween Kills

When Halloween rebooted the franchise while only acknowledging the original two movies, it ended up being a huge success. That made expectations for the sequel high. However, Halloween Kills was divisive, with some — especially long-term fans of the franchise — finding it disappointing. Rather than delivering the tense slasher horror themes of the other Halloween movies, Halloween Kills instead tried to build dread using a sense of paranoia. Most of Halloween Kills saw the townspeople gathering and wanting to kill Michael Myers, going so far that they even targeted innocents along the way, and not everyone found this effective. Bearmanly26 wrote on Reddit that, “I made it halfway through Halloween Kills before throwing in the towel… It was just a slog full of dumb, un-fun characters that usually I’d love to see get murdered in fun ways, but when they do start falling I just didn’t care anymore.”

12 The Irishman (2019)

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Frank in a retirement home in The Irishman

There are cases where critically-acclaimed movies can be too much for a person to sit through. Martin Scorsese’s 2019 crime epic, The Irishman, put viewers in a difficult situation. The movie is three hours and 29 minutes long, and it arrived on Netflix instead of in theaters. While Scorsese can’t be blamed for Netflix being the one to finance his movie, making it that long on a streaming service meant that a lot of viewers tapped out early. On Reddit, Frenchtoasterss wrote, “The Irishman took me several days to complete. I suffered thru that movie. a painful experience, I will never forgive Martin Scorsese for putting me thru this.”

11 The Dark Tower (2017)

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Idris Elba points a gun in The Dark Tower

Sometimes, audiences can’t finish a movie because it doesn’t match up to what they expected or wanted. A perfect example is when Stephen King’s series The Dark Tower was finally adapted into a big-budget movie, but it didn’t follow the books at all. The movie took place “in the world” of the Dark Tower series, but when it veered away from the source material too much from the books, the 2017 release the group of movies people couldn’t finish. Johnnyfiveundead wrote “I don’t think I’ve ever felt a sense of disappointment so thoroughly. The feeling was so strong I had to physically get up and walk out of the theatre.”

10 6 Underground (2019)

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Ryan Reynolds hides in the shadows in 6 Underground

MovieMentor couldn’t finish watching the Michael Bay netflix movie, 6 Underground, because the “editing was absolutely atrocious.” It’s a criticism many Micahel Bay movies are faced with, but it’s hard to ignore in the 2019 action film. As there are so many action sequences in 6 Underground, including parkour, it’s so hard to keep track of what’s going on because of the editing. Compared to movies that use parkour in action sequences in such sublime ways, such as District 13 and Casino Royale, 6 Underground comes off as way too messy. Even outside of those scenes, there are basic editing issues throughout the whole two hours.

9 Mank (2020)

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Charles Dance as William Randolph Hearst on a film set in Mank

TriscuitCracker isn’t exactly sure why Mank exists, noting “very well filmed. But I kept wondering why I should care.” The film was considered a vanity project by many, as David Fincher decided to direct the movie, which was written by his father all the way back in the 90s. Mank is based on nothing but a rumor too, which is that Orson Welles didn’t have as much of a hand in the screenplay for Citizen Kane as people think. But the idea that Welles wasn’t as involved as he claimed was already debunked years before Mank ever went into production. For that reason, Mank ultimately seemed pointless to many, with more than one viewer finding the ultimately-shaky premise wasn’t saved by the admittedly-solid filmmaking.

8 The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

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Neo touches a mirror in The Matrix Resurrections

Given that there are tons of monologues throughout the whole of The Matrix Resurrections, it isn’t a surprise that some viewers reported that they couldn’t sit through the many exposition dumps and stopped watching the fourth The Matrix movie. Redditor bicameral_mind claims that they “couldn’t be bothered to finish“, a sentiment echoed by many critics of the movie. The Matrix Resurrections spent far too much of its screen time on world-building by many accounts, losing sight of the action and deep-yet-digestible premise of the franchise (and confusing viewers to boot, leading many to find the 2021 Matrix sequel nonsensical).

7 Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

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Diana running from the Capitol in Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman was the DC Extended Universe’s first major success story, as it was so critically acclaimed and loved by audiences. However, Wonder Woman 1984 was almost the opposite adding to the list of DC movies people couldn’t finish, according to DickRaglessMD. The 2020 movie received a terribly negative reception, and the Redditor called out the movie for being “incredibly bad, just shockingly, stunningly bad.” While Wonder Woman 1984 got some things right, the awkward depiction of the villains and the bizarre love story left many viewers unwilling to finish the movie lest it taint their enjoyment of Wonder Woman.

6 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)

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Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy holding a pitchfork in Anchorman 2

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues follows the same formula that worked so well with its predecessor, as the 2013 film is full of mostly ad-libs and actors riffing off of each other. But it didn’t quite work as well as the original, especially not in Gogojack‘s opinion. The Redditor bowed out in the early stages of the movie too, as they explain that they turned off the film after watching it for just 20 minutes. In a hilarious and apt comparison, the Reddit user also notes that The Legend Continuesstunk like a rancid bottle of Sex Panther.”

5 The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (2021)

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Michael, Sonia, and Darius sit and listen in Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

Along with being a mouthful of a title, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard was way too long for viewers, even despite being shorter than two hours. Based on TVxStrange’s experience, the 2021 film is one of the movies people couldn’t finish. They mention that they “fell asleep about halfway through and had zero interest in finishing it.” While the first film in the series is a strong contender for the best buddy cop comedy of the late 2010s award, the sequel was too meandering and full of tired genre clichés by many accounts. As a result, it isn’t much of a surprise that the Redditor found saying awake difficult.

4 The Many Saints Of Newark (2021)

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Dickie with his arm around Tony in The Many Saints of Newark

The Many Saints of Newark is a very serviceable gangster movie, even for those who haven’t seen The Sopranos, to which the film is a prequel. However, the 2021 film still had its critics. Dangerous_Fold9140 claims they couldn’t get through the movie. They explain that it “was absolutely horrible. Couldn’t finish it, just didn’t care.” Though Many Saints is full of violent scenes that wouldn’t seem out of place in The Sopranos, it’s still missing that authentic quality and a compelling lead character that the TV series had. There are many too who feel the story would have been told better told in a TV show too, as it would have given The Many Saints of Newark more room to explore its characters — something The Sopranos was renowned for.

3 F9 (2021)

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Dom hugs Han in F9

Even the biggest fans of the Fast and Furious series have had to suspend disbelief more with each consecutive release, but F9 takes it to another level. Though the return of Han, a car with a rocket engine, and destroying the whole of Edinburgh all sound exciting, it falls completely flat. Medster101 couldn’t finish watching the movie because “it’s just not fun anymore.” Between going into space, becoming super spies, and having the kind of power and strength that not even Superman is capable of, the ninth entry in the series is so unrealistic even by Fast and Furious’s standards. While some enjoyed how F9 continued the people-centric story of The Fast Saga, many found it to be just too far from what made The Fast and the Furious great to continue.

2 Sorry To Bother You (2018)

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Cash looking up while holding an open book in Sorry To Bother You

Unlike other movies that Redditors turned off midway through, Sorry to Bother You is actually critically acclaimed. The movie is a surrealist comedy about a group of people who work in a call center, but it isn’t exactly The Office, and not everything is as it seems. The 2018 film becomes more bizarre with each scene, which is why SweetFlamingJerk couldn’t finish it. The Redditor thought it was too much of an “in your face, smacking you with a giant hammer message that anyone can see from a mile away.” The 2018 movie isn’t subtle with its social commentary, but the over-the-topness is what makes Sorry to Bother You ridiculously entertaining — however, it is definitely an acquired taste, hence why some find they stop watching before the end.

1 Dolittle (2020)

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Dolittle and a dog square up to each other in Dolittle

While there’s such a huge demand for Sherlock Holmes 3 or even a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang follow-up, Robert Downey Jr.’s choice to star in Dolittle after his tenure as Tony Stark ended is questionable at best. Though the actor’s role in the film is the least of the remake’s problems, Pizzapiejaialai cites Downey as the reason they believe Dolittle is one of the movies people couldn’t finish. The Redditor explains, “The minute I heard RDJ breakout a pretty terrifying Welsh accent, I turned Dolittle off.” Unlike the actor’s other movies, the 2020 film didn’t exactly take the world by storm, and it was a box office disaster.

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