13 Dope Anime To Watch

Anime takes viewers on an exciting tour of anime’s vibrant and varied world while exhibiting a carefully curated list of series that stand out as outstanding representations of the genre’s potential.

This article guides you to discover a treasure trove of outstanding anime that spans diverse genres, styles, and narratives, from pulse-pounding action to mind-bending puzzles and sweet tales of brotherhood to epic adventures through mythical realms.

In this listicle, I will share 13 anime that create a huge impression on your mind. This anime is broadly selected from genres such as adventure, crime, love, etc. Like the concept of reincarnation from Death Parade or a high school drama from Blue Period. 

All these are selected carefully, considering all the requirements of anime enthusiasts. This list also consists of thriller anime like Death Note, How Shinigami drops it on the Earth, and many other interesting anime. Most of these series are available on Netflix.

13 Dope Anime To Watch

1. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon features many interesting characters in an anime that I have never seen before. Revy, a female gunslinger known as “Two Hands,” enjoys charging into gunfights brandishing two Beretta 92 cutlass handguns. She always loses her anger, swears at people, and doesn’t even think twice before aiming a firearm at anyone.

Rock, who wears a formal shirt and tie, doesn’t suit the crime syndicate motif. Additionally, Rock will attempt to create disputes through courteous speech. The series is for scenes of extreme violence and action lovers, and some characters even seem to relish keeping their victims at gunpoint or torturing them.

Black Lagoon
Black Lagoon (Credits: Madhouse)

Voiceover in the series is excellent, especially when voicing Revy, whose speech occasionally, even when the episode was dub-subbed in English. Revy must have been screaming and cursing when she displayed severe wrath at other times.

The mafia wars as a whole make the show entertaining and allow it to be filled with characters who are just plain crazy and don’t act like actual contract killers. An ex-cop and an ex-captain of the Russian military with a burn scar that spans nearly half of her face are in charge of the two major gangs in Roanapur.

Two twins, who appear to be boys and girls, like a passion for blood to the extent that they will torment a man and pleased as she saw him crying and bleeding. The sequences had pacing because of the background music and blood and gore.

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2. Death Parade

In Death Parade, when two persons die simultaneously, their souls are put on trial and judged. Under the pretense of a bar, the ‘arbiters,’ who decided not a soul is allowed to be reborn or hurled into a gulf of nothingness, run the tribunal.

Human souls will be compelled to play games at these chains that replicate life-or-death situations without knowing their approaching death to expose their souls’ darkest sides and allow a referee to accurately judge everyone.

Death Parade
Death Parade (Credits: Madhouse)

Quindecim is one greatest places for people to hide, overseen by Decim, a white-haired arbitrator. Before something strange happened, he was just casual. Quindecim was visited by a lone, black-haired woman who had no idea who she was.

However, this black-haired woman refused to play any games to be assessed because she was completely aware of what she was doing. She will work as Decim’s aide, assisting him in deciding whether the departed should be reborn or banished.

Each of Death Parade’s handful of episodes tells a distinct story organized in an arc. This usually involves judging a fresh set of souls. Although many other storylines are going on, another underlying plot concerns the ethics of the games and the existence of the woman with black hair.

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3. Blue Period

Yatora is the ideal high school student, having many friends and maintaining decent marks. It’s a natural performance that ultimately comes out as boring.

He eventually enters the art room, where a single artwork catches his attention and introduces him to a different kind of beauty. He rushes in headfirst, driven and absorbed, and is about to discover how brutal art can be.

The anime series Blue Period is about art, but it also emphasizes the importance of following your heart, no matter how challenging or unconventional that may seem. I wanted to cry because I wish I had continued my study of art after high school.

Blue Period
Blue Period (Credits: Seven Arcs )

A surprising diversity of technical knowledge and guidance concerning art is available, which can be daunting and helpful. It would be incredibly pleasant to read if you enjoy painting. Even the lesser characters have a lot of heart and depth, which is something I admire about the characters.

One of the primary supporting characters, Yuka-chan, was depicted in a way that slightly annoyed me. They appeared to be depicted as slightly sexualized and had exaggerated features, which is sadly not unusual in comics.

However, they were shown to be a boy in the make, which baffled me, but it makes sense now since they were wearing a combination of uniforms for both boys and females.

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4. Death Note

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s Death Note demonstrate that garnering a large audience doesn’t preclude a series from being truly excellent. Unlike other thrillers, I can also tell that this anime still holds up after a first read because I reread it for this review.

Death Note remains one of the best thrillers available, making it an alternate shonen jumping manga from many others in the magazine. A death note is dropped in the opening scene of Death Note by the shinigami Ryuk, who would kill that individual whose name is written on it via heart attack.

Death Note
Death Note (Credits: Madhouse)

Light Yagami picks up the notebook and intends to use it for good by killing as many sinners as possible to eradicate crime and improve the world. Naturally, others begin to take note, and L, the most renowned detective in the world, decides to tackle the case.

Instead of going the morality play approach and pitting Light against L in a death-defying game of wits, the series chooses the thriller route. The tension that permeates every second is what propels the series ahead. There are a few instances where problems about right and wrong arise, but it is obvious that this is not the story’s main focus.

This is a very well-written conflict between a murderer and a detective. The narrative is filled with in-depth discussions of strategies and tactics to outsmart the opposition. These instances don’t feel monotonous; rather, they are extremely exciting.

The schemes the characters form is widely known. Most designs utilize already available knowledge and characterization reasoning, so anything feels cohesive. A few twists occur, although they rarely take away from the narrative.

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5.  Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko’s Basketball is an anime with three seasons aired between 2012 and 2015. It was adapted from a well-known manga. It focuses on the basketball team and Seirin Academy, a middle-of-the-road school in Japan. Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami, two sophomores added to the team, greatly improved their effectiveness.

Kagami is a traditionally gifted basketball prodigy who has lived in the United States for a while and has faced more rigorous competition than other Japanese his age. He is tall, strong, and agile. The diminutive and frail Kuroko, however, possesses a whole distinct set of abilities.

Kuroko’s Basketball
Kuroko’s Basketball (Credits: Production I.G)

Kuroko uses his physical inadequacy to his advantage by developing a special “misdirection” skill that allows him to vanish on the court, which is fantastic for making stealing and catching.

Kuroko is the prototypical “support” player since he has amazing passing ability but is laughably awful at shooting, the most crucial aspect of basketball.

Kuroko’s Middle School squad, which featured a group of wonder kids known as the “Generation of Miracles,” fostered his support abilities. The Miracles switched schools after school, yet they are still destined to compete against one another in numerous inter-high tournaments.

The potential English title of the series, “The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays,” alludes to Kuroko’s determination to meet his former friends by perfecting a team-based approach. Kuroko feels disappointed and repulsed by their snobbish individualism.

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6. Neo Yokio

As many people think, Ezra Koenig, not Jaden Smith, made a Netflix-only animation called Neo Yokio. Kaz Kaan, the main character, is only voiced by Smith in collaboration with Production I.G. and Studio Dean. Despite having only six episodes, the entire narrative flows naturally without any unnecessary padding. Neo Yokio genuinely offers a nice time.

Neo Yokio is regarded as the world’s most amazing city. In this alternate history of New York, demons overran the city in the eighteenth century due to the huge population that resided there. Then, magicians were ordered to expel the demons from the city and succeeded.

Neo Yokio
Neo Yokio (Credits: Production I.G. and Studio Deen)

Due to this, magicians rose to the rank of “Magistocrats,” a very affluent class with high social standing in the city. This show has received a variety of reviews. If you can get beyond the pilot, I think the show will grow on you once you’ve watched it.

Without a doubt, the voice acting might be better. However, the show is incredibly entertaining because of its many personalities. Characters of various ages and races are present. Some fans believe that this series is an anime parody, but I don’t believe that to be the case.

I believe the show only makes fun of various contemporary situations and subjects using anime. It seems a little odd that American elements are mixed with anime themes. Despite this, Neo Yokio is genuinely unique and is paving the way for the creation of other Japanese/American shows. 

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7. One Punch Man

A young man named Saitama plays the lead character in this new action comedy, and everything about him screams “AVERAGE,” from his lifeless demeanor to his bald head to his lackluster physique. This unassuming man doesn’t have your typical problem, though. He’s a superhero hunting for challenging foes.

The issue is that anytime he finds a qualified applicant, he beats the living daylights out of them with a single blow. One Punch Man can be viewed in one of two ways. It is not how it is intended, yet some people see it as a straight-up action anime.

One Punch Man
One Punch Man (Credits: Madhouse)

As a parody is the proper approach. One Punch Man excels thanks to its outrageous characters and occasionally ludicrous plots when used as a parody. The plot is lackluster, with little continuity between each arc, and the program can easily feel monotonous.

One Punch Man’s cast features many funny and original characters, both on the side of the heroes and the villains. Saitama, who unquestionably receives the most development, is undoubtedly included in this. Despite having excessive fighting power, this is tempered by the fact that it does not have excessive personality power.

The same causes that make the characters popular also cause major issues. The big cast hinders the growth of many characters; some are even presented, but you learn very little about them. Most of the characters are fairly static and don’t change at all, which is another big issue.

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8. The Way of the Househusband

A former yakuza boss who left it all behind becomes a househusband. However, quitting the gangster lifestyle is challenging, and even everyday household tasks become but! I thoroughly enjoyed this hilarious, belly-laugh-inducing comedy about a former yakuza criminal.

The jokes revolve around a yakuza legend who leaves his former life and marries a housewife, not realizing how terrifying he still is. He approaches his tasks in the same way as he did in his prior life. Thus he is passionate about things we would consider unimportant, and this is where most of the chuckles come from.

The Way of the Househusband
The Way of the Househusband (Credits: Nippon TV)

My favorite scenes involved the Roomba since it always fails in the most ideal manner. The deceptive knife salesman then has the shock of his life when Tatsu evaluates his products and prepares a supper for him. Even when he chases after his wife to deliver the food she forgot, it is humorous because the cops stop him, who he then bribes with a voucher.

But the part that made me laugh the most was when he persuaded some former rivals to take part in a sale for him and then proceeded to chastise them for the meager selection, much like a mob boss. And what’s most endearing is when he tracks down the DVD of his wife’s favorite program for her birthday and spirits her up through an adorably gorgeous apron — now that’s a loving husband!

The only problem I have is that as the plot develops, the jokes leave me wondering, “Wait, what happened next?” As immersed in the series, I hope a later season includes the tale of when they met since I am quite curious.

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9. Spriggan

The plot takes place in the closing years of the Cold War when numerous enigmatic artifacts—typically connected to some ancient civilization—are found all across the globe. The objects are known as OOPart, and there is a covert conflict between American and Nazi forces.

Who goes after ARCAM Corporation, a group that positioned itself as the protector of OOPArts, to stop those from utilizing them as weapons? In ARCAM, a 16-year-old high school student named Yu Ominae, a super soldier, is responsible for locating and securing the items among allies and enemies.

Spriggan (Credits: Studio David Production)

His travels take him to many different countries and places, including Japan, Turkey, Egypt, enigmatic forests, and legendary islands. The show follows the traditional “Villain of the Week” format, with Spriggan traveling to a new locale for each 45–50-minute episode, battling a new group of adversaries from other nations, and teaming up with new allies, some of whom, however, reappear throughout.

The fact that Spriggan is a student is brought up a few times, and his occasional confrontation with former instructors and co-workers adds an extremely appreciated drama aspect. At the same time, some small things provide some background for this story.

It is impossible to develop a relationship with the characters because they appear and disappear, but at least it makes the protagonist seem slightly more intriguing than usual.

The series’s protagonist, Shuhei Handa, has a very appealing youthful appearance. At the same time, the numerous antagonists occasionally stand out dramatically, with the two former professors and the giant in the pyramids being the most memorable.

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10. Bleach

One of those well-known anime series is Tite Kubo’s Bleach. Due to its notoriety and notoriety, it has great value as a series and is a solid example of good and bad practices for a long-running battle shonen series. It’s one of the most contradictory anime out there.

Ichigo, a high school student who can see spirits, is introduced in Bleach, which has a dramatic opening. He is ambushed one night by a Hollow, a bad-tempered kind of ghost. A soul executor named Rukia, who is later hurt, saves him. According to fan the translations, she is a shinigami.

Bleach (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

Ichigo must receive her powers for him to defeat the Hollow, and while her powers are on their way back, she makes Ichigo fulfill the responsibilities of a soul reaper. As the plot develops, several strange inconsistencies, deus ex machines, and retcons make no sense.

Unfortunately, the plot is complicated and interesting, but the later portions make less and less sense. Additionally, technically speaking, one-on-one fights that all follow the same pattern make up most of the story. Each character wins by keeping a power-up hidden until the very end.

The bouts varied enough in theme and character and were organized differently sufficiently to largely explain how many there are. Later on, a lot of explicit entertainment can get in the way. But since the panels often don’t focus on it, it’s never that horrible.

The scenario for the characters is not much better. Ichigo is the main character and one of the finest and most widely recognized Gary Stew characters. He acquires every kind of power possible and can always control it. He is like most shonen protagonists, rushing into battle and wanting to defend his friends.

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11. Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins were renowned knights who vowed devotion to the empire. Each Sin was the empire’s greatest weapon, possessing a great amount of power. The Sinners fell apart ten years from the start of the film series after purportedly trying to overthrow the monarchy.

In the present, Princess Elizabeth seeks to gather the Seven Deadly Sins to help defend her realm against the Order of the Holy Knights. The second most important character in The Seven Deadly Sins is Meliodas, the Dragon Sin of Wrath.

Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins (Credits: A-1 Pictures)

A well-known traveling tavern owned by Meliodas and Hawk the Pig is admittedly better known for its alcohol than its meals. Meliodas reluctant is a very humble person. Although it is clear to everyone watching that he is someone significant, he is only a short boy who creates a respectable recognition in his field of work, the program.

In truth, Meliodas was the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, and the country feared the most. I adored Meliodas so much. He was a person whose character I never entirely understood; I don’t understand what he was thinking.

His speech, manner, and general demeanor deserve special attention. When someone like Elizabeth asks him if he’s serious, he occasionally says something utterly absurd and responds, “Of course not.” You have witnessed it for yourself to accept it because it’s difficult to convey this kind of exchange in words.

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12. Spice and Wolf

In a setting reminiscent of medieval Europe, Kraft Lawrence, a 25-year-old peddler, moves from town to town, purchasing and selling various goods to support his family. He discovers a 250-year-old worshipping wolf deity girl named Holo in his wagon when he is halted in Pasroe one night.

Except for a wolf tail and ears, she looks like a 15-year-old girl. She greets himself as the town’s reaping goddess, known for ensuring a bumper wheat crop.

She wishes to return to Yoitsu, her ancestral home in the north, even though she is responsible for keeping watch over the town since she feels that the locals have abandoned her and that she has kept her word to ensure bountiful harvests.

Spice and Wolf
Spice and Wolf (Credits: studio Imagin )

She can make deals her way out of the community by striking a deal with Walter to take her with him. And it’s directly related to this section from up there. Okay, this show is full of unbelievable people, whether Holo is a real god or thinks she is one.

A wolf, Holo, is an exceptionally huge wolf with human-like features. Then there is “the church,” which is similar to Catholicism but also has some differences. After all, this is a fantasy realm, so it makes sense; however, these elements are essential to the plot.

And the characters are mostly to blame for this. Lawrence is a likable man who only wants to maintain and grow his company. Holo is a smart-mouthed friend who can indulge in a little pride occasionally because she possesses real insight and wisdom.

Despite this, she lacks a solid understanding of how the world operates, which is where Lawrence’s astute advice comes in.

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13. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied revolves around The Diclonius, a novel type of humanoid that differs anatomically and bodily from humans while still being eerily similar to them. These “vectors,” invisible arms that can slice through objects and make contact with them, are how the Diclonius kills its victims.

The main character Kohta discovers Lucy, a Diclonius who has lost her memory due to receiving a headshot while attempting to flee the institution, stranded on the beach. Until her memory returns, Kohta takes her in and consoles her.

Elfen Lied
Elfen Lied (Credits: Studio Guts)

However, a Special Assault Team attempting to bring Lucy back is now focusing on Kohta and Lucy. Now that Lucy’s violent, homicidal history is slowly returning to her, she must stand her way to defend Kohta. However, I thought some of the story’s elements and tactics appeared slightly clumsy.

Many of these revolve around Kouta, the main character. I think it simply appeared like the story’s interactions with him often felt odd. He’s a wishy-washy character (with some faults), and it isn’t easy to fully go into without giving something away, but I thought he occasionally detracted from the plot.

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