13 Best Upcoming Cozy Games We Can’t Wait To Play In 2024

2024 is shaping up to be a haven for cozy gaming enthusiasts, and these games are the stars leading the pack. 

If you thought 2023 brought a wave of cozy gaming pleasures, then you might want to take a seat before I unpack what’s to come in 2024. This year is gearing up to outshine its predecessor with a delightful array of anticipated releases. Here’s a curated list of games set to grace your cozy console setups or their evolutionary kin in the coming year. 

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1. Fantasy Life: The Girl Who Steals Time

Image via LEVEL5comcept
  • Release: Summer 2023
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Delayed for perfection, this game’s a gem. Fantasy Light might just pay the debt of actual player choice that bland farming sims have accumulated in 2023. 

In Fantasy Life, you can choose your dream occupation: chef, fisherman, or even a farmer. The narrative will then be woven around your job. It also comes with island-building akin to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

2. Momento

upcoming cozy game
Image via Fat Alien Cat, Nomo Studio
  • Release: Tentative 2024
  • Platform: PC

Momento is more than just an unpacking game – you call the shots on what stays and goes. How you arrange furniture and decide on keepsakes directly shapes your character’s life. It’s a fascinating journey into the diverse outcomes driven by your choices.

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3. Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story

cozy game 2024
Image by Lazy Bear
  • Release: 2024
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch

The trailer of Bandle Tale features a world and art design so cute it might just pull me to jump on the League of Legends train in anticipation for this game. 

Enter an adorable little creature called Yordel, an inhabitant of Bandle City, where everyone is weirdly obsessed with knitting. It’s everything you could possibly ask of a magical, cozy game, and it’s even got a talking sock.

4. Moonstone Island 

top cozy game coming in 2024
Image via Studio Supersoft
  • Release: Spring 2024
  • Platforms: currently available on PC, releases for Nintendo Switch

Moonstone Island’s indie magic is coming over to the Switch. Raw Fury’s latest is a slice of life with Pokémon-esque spirits, cards, farming, and 100 diverse islands to explore. The pixel graphics make this a visual treat.

5. Europa

Image via Novadust Entertainment
  • Release: April 16, 2024
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation and Xbox

Europa is a stunning, enchanting game that immerses you in an exploration-driven adventure. With visuals that echo Ghibli Studio’s artistry, it transports you to a lush, terraformed haven on Jupiter’s moon. The trailer hints at gliding across the water and soaring through its skies, promising a world ripe for discovery and brimming with secrets.

6. Fields of Mistria

Image via NPC Studio
  • Release: 2024
  • Platforms: PC

I don’t know who invited Sailor Moon to the farming sim genre, but she’s more than welcome. If you didn’t get enough cute pixel art animals, crops, and townfolk in Stardew Valley, Fields of Mistria is here to deliver. Toby Fox’s magical music accompanies this gem, so it’s more than promising.

7. Moonlight Peaks

upcoming cozy game 2024
Image via Little Chicken
  • Release: Tentative 2024
  • Platforms: PC

For the goth-at-heart comes a cozy that lets you become a vampire. Who said creatures of the night can’t be farmers, right?

Moonlight Peaks is a pixelated vampire life sim with enchanting aesthetics. Play as a bat, fly, decorate, and embrace the spooky.

8. Bloomtown: A Different Story

Image via Lazy Bear Games
  • Release: Q2 2024
  • Platform: PC, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo

Bloomtown is a narrative-driven JRPG hamming up yoga, turn-based combat, and monster taming all in one game. The 60’s vibes make it all the more original and worth looking forward to.

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9. Tavern Talk

cozy game coming in 2024
Image via Gentle Troll Entertainment
  • Release: 2024
  • Platforms: PC

If you’re into visual novels, then Tavern Talk is your game for 2024. With a vibe reminiscent of Coffee Talk, Tavern Talk places you in the shoes of a trusty Innkeeper, earing all the troubles and heroic adventures of the local patrons. 

10. Baladins

top cozy game 2024
Image via Seed by Seed
  • Release: 2024
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Baladins carries all the classic tabletop roleplaying vibes but with a cozy twist. It’s an adventure for both single and multiplayer enthusiasts that lets you explore a whimsical world and approachable roleplaying sessions.

11. Tiny Glade

Image via Pounce Light
  • Release: 2024
  • Platforms: PC

For all of you building sim lovers out there, a new cozy medieval builder is coming to town in 2024. Tiny Glade is a casual, pressure-free sandbox builder with the most aesthetically pleasing and smooth building mechanics you could possibly ask for.

12. Pixelshire

best cozy game coming in 2024
Image via Kappa Bits
  • Release: 2024
  • Platform: PC

Ugh, did we really need another pixel art farming sim game? But hey, Pixelshire mixes farming with sandbox town-building, so… maybe it’s onto something after all.

Cozy game enthusiasts know the struggle of limited mobility in farming sims, trapped by preset ladders, water bodies, and fences. That’s where Pixelshire swoops into the rescue with its terraforming features. 

13. Magical Delicacy

best upcoming cozy games in 2024
Image via Skaule
  • Release: 2024
  • Platform: PC

Magical Delicacy is one for the coven witches. A magical sim that places a huge emphasis on cooking and potion brewing. You’ll set up shop, receive requests, and rise to the top, leaving all opposing covens in the dust.

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