12 Shows Like Happy Valley

The British crime drama series, which follows the plot of a police officer named Catherine, is facing personal and professional challenges. In her law-and-order community, she needed to be perfect and maintain a stored sense of justice in the world of crime.

Catherine is after the criminal Tommy Lee Royce, who is a drug addict and the most wanted criminal of the year. In the history of crime and violence, he is at the top. No one has been able to catch him and find him so far. It is a show which carries a police officer and her determination to catch a villain.

Happy Valley
Happy Valley (Credits: Netflix)

Shows Like Happy Valley

Catherine as a police officer, wanted to catch him but also wanted him because he was a part of her traumatic past experiences. He is the reason behind her traumatic family experiences. The war between her and Tommy becomes personal; now, she has to find him.

She is struggling with raising her grandson and a tragic incident which involved her family member. The tension and conflict between a police officer and a criminal are something that could give you a sense of what a true crime show could be.

Here we have similar crime shows which are a perfect match of thriller and craze. As Catherine played a major role in the Happy Valley show as a police officer and Tommy as a criminal, many shoes are recommended below with the same characters. Which are solving cases and strategies that made them top heroes.

Broad Church

A lifeless body was discovered by the police of an 11-year boy, and the task is to find out who could be a possible culprit and murderer. Detectives and police officers get along to find out more evidence.

Ellie Miller is a detective who wanted to be promoted, and this was her case before getting a promotion and a raise. Inspector Alec Hardy who is another detective who recently joined the force, and a team of two detectives continue with the case of 11 years old boy murderer case.

After the news of a murder, the whole town gets into the tension of the safety of their kids. As the case continues, Millie and her new detective partner find deep secrets and happenings.

Broad Church
Broad Church (Credits: Amazon)

The investigation brings bitter truths and destroys relationships and friendships between close people. Life Long loyalty is on the test now, and every single person is on the line of who can be the culprit.

The suspect’s line is long, Millie finds it hard to know who can murder a 11 years old guy. Family dynamics bring out Danny, 11 years old boy, his life history, and his family relations.

The family of Danny is looking for justice and rules, and they lost their son and brother at a very young age. Detective officer and inspector Hardy’s traumatic past also played a significant role in the case investigation.   

  • Director: James Strong and Euros Lyn
  • Released Year: 2013
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Running Time: 48 min
  • Rating: 8.4

Line of Duty

The series comes with police officers and their loyalty to their work and job. A police job with the possibility of all drama and activities which are part of crime and corruption. Corruption is something that keeps going on in all police dramas.

AC-12 is a department where these procedures are carried out, and all happenings are proof of how fictional characters fight crimes and investigations. 

The very first season comes with an A-12 team, in which Ted Hastings, as the main head, leads his team into a mission of crime and drama. Detective DCI tony gates, who are a cheerful and handsome police officer, contributed all of his investigation skills to the game of crime.

Line of Duty
Line of Duty (Credits: Netflix)

A complicated web between police and all criminals also leads to a complicated case far. In other seasons it continued with the entry of new police officers and detectives for the cases to be solved and handled carefully.

As the AC-12 team gets into action every time for a hidden criminal motive. The cases also involved the shooting and killing of people, covering up a case to solve it. Delve into murder and high-profile cases completely so that a case can be solved with full pieces of evidence and intelligence further.

  • Director: David Caffrey
  • Released Year: 2012
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Running Time: 1h
  • Rating: 8.7
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Scott & Bailey

A British television crime thriller drama where police officers and detectives take part in complicated cases which almost seem impossible to solve. A drama series that shows the complicated side of a police department, a side of corruption, and a real crime thriller.

In the series, Rachel is a detective and constable by post in the police department. She works with a force team to face challenges and cases of murder and killings.

The first season shows that Janet scoots an upper head in the police department and has solved many cases before with Rachel. They both share quite a different aura and personalities; the upper head is practical, and on the other hand, Rachel is emotional and solves the case with her whole heart.

Scott and Bailey
Scott and Bailey (Credits: Netflix)

Season 2 shows that Bailey and Scoot continue with the complicated cases as in the first season. They show teamwork and skills of investigation, and loyalty to the force.

Along with their police force career, they also compete with certain kinds of solace, which they can’t find in the complicated web of crime drama. Season three explores the drama of betrayal and loyalty, police officers sometimes betraying their force for money and any other corrupt thing. The complexities of cases and lack of evidence made Rachel angrier and more skilled.

  • Director: Morag Fullerton
  • Released Year: 2011
  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Running Time: 45 min
  • Rating: 7.8

The Fall

It is a British iris crime thriller drama that follows the plot of a serial killer and deadly cases. The psychological thriller shows how serial killer kills people out there for their fun and entertainment.

The real challenge is to find out more about who can be that serial killer in the town, killing people with a murder pattern that is almost similar in all cases. Season 1 comes with Stella Gibson and a skilled detective.

She has the task of finding out more about serial killer Paul Spector who is living out there in the city. A serial killer was living dual life of a happy man and a serial killer at night. He has been killing women at night and aimed to kill more and more.

The Fall
The Fall (Credits: Netflix)

Recent cases which show a similar pattern of killing show that a serial killer is just out there killing a woman for no particular reason. Stella has to find out who could be killing them.

In season 2, serial killer Paul started killing more women, and this time with cruelty which resulted in an intensified serial killing case. To save the woman, Stella is horrified by the fact that the serial killer is way intelligent and always a step ahead of the force of investigation.

In the last season in which, Stella and her team captured Paul and started legal proceedings. The case becomes complicated as Paul shows the police that he has murdered all women for fun and that justice is served in favor of everyone.

  • Director: Allan Cubitt
  • Released Year: 2013
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Running Time: 1h
  • Rating: 8.1
  • Where to Watch: Netflix


Another best British crime thriller drama was released in 2016 year, Detective Marcella Backland, who is well known for her case-solving abilities. Marcella is solving all the cases on her own, even facing personal life problems.

Marcella’s series shows the life of a detective, a simple human who is forced to live a dual life. Marcella, in the first season, takes a break from her investigation career so that she can take care of her kids.

As she gets back to work, where gets a case similar to other cases she has solved before. It hit her mind that someone was out there with the same criminal mindset. As she solves cases in season 1 of Marcella, she also faces a real struggle with her growing kids and family.

Marcella (Credits: Netflix)

In season 2, she solved a series of kids’ murder cases; she finds herself in a persona of occupying the character.  As she solves the cases, she takes them personally, and now it is more like either solving the case or going home to take care of the kids.

Her mental and psychological state keeps changing with time. In season 3 of Marcella, she becomes an undercover agent. Marcella is now known as Keira for her new task; she has gotten along with a crime organization to know more about it. An undercover agent who becomes a part of a crime drama and thriller to solve the cases further.

  • Director: Hans Rosenfeldt
  • Released Year: 2016
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Running Time: 45 min
  • Rating: 7.4
  • Where to Watch: Netflix


A detective and inspector named John River is a kind-hearted man with investigation skills. He is well known in the police department of London for his case-solving unique abilities and intellectuals. In the first season, he has a case where he has to solve various murder cases.

He is also suffering from mental health issues. River got into hallucinations easily while solving any kind of case. He also deals with his own demons and outside killer. For him, it is mentally exhausting while dealing with his depression.

River (Credits: Netflix)

River is adored and well-praised for his case-solving abilities. He solved cases by keeping himself close to the murderer’s family and loved ones. River believed that he could catch a killer easily if he found his weak point.

His mental health and inner demons are the main issues of his attachment issue, even if it causes conflicts between his family members and colleagues.

His partner, whom he has known since he joined the force, has recently died, and his friend Jackie was murdered. He falls into depression after knowing and almost feels invisible when solving cases.

  • Director: Jamie Payne
  • Released Year: 2015
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Running Time: 1h
  • Rating: 6.9
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Prime Suspect

In season 1 of Prime Suspect, Inspector Jane is skilled in her homicide games. She has the task of solving murder cases, a woman killed in the city, and she is tasked with solving the case.

Julie is a murder victim whose body was found in a strange place. The investigation keeps carries on as she keeps tracking and collecting evidence for the Julie murder case.

The case is becoming complicated, and now it is a case with little evidence. Jane, as a detective, faces cases with little evidence, and she needs to fix the case as soon as possible due to the crime branch pressure and the deadline for solving a case.

Prime Suspect
Prime Suspect (Credits: Netflix)

In season 2, Jane has new challenges and ideas for solving murder cases. This time there is more to investigate. She is now working on sex trafficking and corruption also. Jane is looking for other ways to find solace and justice in her new pattern of investigating.

Jane realized that the new investigation, which is also dealing with corrupt and rich people out there, is also taking a toll on her personal life. In season 3, the murder cases come with intensified deals, a 14 years innocent girl murdered and found in town.

The case of a young victim with little evidence who is not helping others. The prime suspect show is a crime thriller that works on themes like investigations, crime, a corrupt world, serial killers, and the challenges of a policewoman.

  • Director: Paul Marcus
  • Released Year: 19912006
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Running Time: 2h
  • Rating: 8.4

Top of the Lake

It is a hysterical drama that falls under crime thriller and investigation plot. In season 1 of the Top of the Lake show, a first-class detective is in a new murder case of his career. Robin and the detective and police officer focused on a case that was all about the sudden disappearance of a young girl.

A 12-year young girl who is lost and no one knows where she has gone, and the twist comes when everyone realizes she is pregnant. Robin, in his journey of collecting pieces of evidence and suspects, found many of the dark secrets.

Some of the disturbing connections remind him of his previously solved cases. The entire first season of Top of the Lake explores the abuse, crime, and trauma of a society that falls prey to murders.

Top of the Lake
Top of the Lake (Credits: Netflix)

In season 2 of the series, Robin as a detective, again finds that an Asian girl is found near a shore. He found that the girl, before dying, has abused brutally and might have been, in sex trafficking, a victim of the sex trade.

Robin started exploring the new crime world of sex trade and trafficking, which kids at a young age and force them into something that is hell for their childhood.

As the case continued, he found more dark secrets. At the end of the season, Robin discovered that these girls were dying due to their opposition to the crime happening to them. These cases keep coming up to detective robin as he masters the skill of solving cases.

  • Director: Jane Campion, Garth Davis
  • Released Year: 2013
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Running Time: 1h
  • Rating: 7.5
  • Where to Watch: Netflix


Another topmost and most-watched crime thriller drama series in the world of cinema is named Luther. A series is released in 2010 year. It shows the investigation skills and life of DCI John Luther, who is a well-known detective, and everyone likes him for his quick-solving skills.

Luther is a brilliant but emotional person who is the detective in an investigation team and works for a police service. In season 1, Luther is dedicated to a case that is all about catching criminals.

A game of police and a gang that is responsible for murdering people in the town. He is in a strained marriage and struggling daily with his life. He is emotionally invested in all of these cases; however, it is pretty tough for him to deal with such cases and handle his married life.

Luther (Credits: Netflix)

In season 2, Luther has a new case to work on, a case that involves finding and catching a kidnapper. The season is all about fighting with his inner and outer demons.

He fights with his inner demons; Luther is guilty of many things in his life. The constant battle of fighting criminals and his inner self is exhausting for Luther. In season 3, he has the task of catching a serial killer who is killing random people.

The serial killer kills all people in the same manner. In season 4, Luther is all set to find pieces of evidence of the brutal murder’s happenings in London. In the last season, he had the task of finding a psychological killer who was playing out there with his psychological drama and targeting his victims.

  • Director: Jamie Payne
  • Released Year: 2010
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Running Time: 1h
  • Rating: 8.0
  • Where to Watch: Netflix


The first season of the Shetland investigation started by a DI Jimmy Perez officer, which is all about the murder of an archaeologist.  Jimmy, as an investigator, discovers many of the dark secrets of the archaeological community and finds himself in a complex web of pieces of evidence.

In season 2, as the new case comes his way, he finds a body is found near a bonfire. Further investigation takes Jimmy to a place of dark secrets and past incidences which shows how a family could be involved in a murder case, which is always unexpected.

An investigation that led Jimmy to a past time-hidden deep secret. He worked with many officers who were there in his cases. In season 3, Jimy gets caught up in the middle of something that is not so serious, and one can even handle these things by themselves.

Shetland (Credits: Netflix)

Jimmy, as the best police officer, finds himself in a situation of being an officer of bravery and fun. An investigation that results in professional and personal life. The fifth and last seasons consist of many disturbing cases with psycho criminals.

A young man who died in a mysterious condition brings lots of suspects and conditions which are in favor of Jimmy. The mystery of a murder case of finding out who could be a possible man behind it.

Jimmy as a detective, seems exhausted by his crime dramas, he wants to solve all of the cases on his own, but criminals with sharp minds always let him down. Shetland is a series of crime drama thrillers where Jimmy is a detective.

A loyal and brave police officer who sees all the cases as his problems, and giving justice to the victim is his only goal. 

  • Director: Jan Matthys
  • Released Year: 2013
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Running Time: 1h
  • Rating: 7.9

The Missing

British thriller and crime series, which is all about the missing person. The missing person leaves his absence has an impact on his loved one. The war begins with the finding of a missing person for a long time.

In season one, the series shows how Oliver is nowhere. His parents are worried about him, and a search war begins with panic. Oliver’s parents tried to interstate first on their own but later took help from the police.

In season 2, Alice Webster returned, but it has been 11 years since his missing report, and there is no evidence of where he can be. Alice’s case was handled by Julien Baptiste, although he was retired and taking no more cases.

The Missing
The Missing (Credits: Netflix)

He decided to take the case into his hands because he was concerned about the family’s grief. The show shows the trauma of Julien and the story behind her disappearance. A show which is focused on the trauma of a person who has been missing for 11 years.

Missing shows is a complicated case for a police department to be solved. It is a complex story of murder cases and scenes. In recent seasons, Evelyn is scared of her sister being lost. The kidnapping and murder are what she fears. 

Lily has been missing for ten years, and there is no trace of anything. Her sister wanted to find clues and pieces of evidence of her sister’s existence. Her sister Evelyn, in her investigation, got a village in which her sister was last seen and where she discovers that the whole village is cursed with a plague and dying people.

  • Director: Will Merrick
  • Released Year: 2014
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Running Time: 1h
  • Rating: 8.2
  • Where to Watch: Netflix


An old skeleton was discovered in an old house in the mystery-solving case of the skeleton. The strange skeleton which was buried in an old home for a long time. Investigators and curious Sunny and Cassie are in a game to find out more about who is responsible for the death of a mysterious skeleton.

In Unforgotten, the victim’s death is now revealing the truth to many people, the dark secret which was hidden for a long time. Friends and relatives are holding secrets and truths which they were hiding due to anger and fear.

The investigation into real identity leaves friends and relatives traumatized and surprised. Sunny and Cassie’s lives changed when they came to a point where the case was affecting them in unexpected ways.

Unforgotten (Credits: Netflix)

An old case that would solve in the past, unforgotten, carries a plot of a mystery. A mystery of finding whose skeleton is founded by Sunny and Cassie. Two young investigators are looking for possible clues and options to find pieces of evidence.

The mystery of a skeleton is something that has become a hot topic now. Uncovering and revealing the truth behind the death of an unknown person whose face is no longer there to be recognized. He and her skeleton is still in there. Sunny and Cassie have to find pieces of evidence of who can be responsible for the brutal murder.

  • Director: Andy Wilson
  • Released Year: 2015
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Running Time: 1h
  • Rating: 8.2

A crime thriller like Happy Valley, which brings the detective out of the audience, each show comes with a brilliant and sharp-minded detective.

All these detectives were there to solve cases and catch all criminals of all categories. All of the 12 shows come with lots of detective officers and so criminals.

Serial killers are killing innocent people out there without leaving a single proof, and no one knows who could be a serial killer.

The plot is full of the best cast and unforgettable charts in the world of crime thrillers. Criminals and police are always there for your entertainment. Happy Valley is like a crime thriller to enjoy, a crime thriller with detectives, police officers, an investigation team, and a collection of pieces of evidence. 

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