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BlackBerry is the latest movie which was released in 2023 year; the plot comes with a history of the 1996 era. The CEO named, Mike, and his best friend, Douglas, get ready for the biggest business deal. Mike was unhappy with the China-based product and wanted to change some things in his business.

As time passed, he realized that the business deal was not easy with another country as they might be giving them not-so-good-condition products. The team decided to launch a world-first smartphone with thrilling features and never seen technology.

These two best friends compete with the other company after and before launching their super technology-based gadgets, a smartphone, and mobile. The public used mobile with buttons, and now the public will experience a new technology.

BlackBerry (Credits: Amazon)

The company is now ready with CEO Mike to launch first-time touchscreen mobile phones. The story is all about the rise and fall of the Blackberry mobile in history. In smartphones, no one can live without their cell phone; they are like their body parts now.

Convenient and helpful in day-to-day activities. Blackberry was one of the first smartphones, but nobody knows the story behind its manufacturing and launching. In the movie Blackberry, the director comes up with a true incident that shows how much competition there was and the real struggle behind it. Blackberry was one of the most used smartphones, but now the mobile brand is not used.

Here we have similar movies like Blackberry, with a technological twist and plot. In these movies, all technology lovers can watch the true history behind launching a gadget into the market before the public can use it.

Steve Jobs

The movie is divided into main characters, and each period shows their role and a product launch in the market. Steve Jobs’s movie starts with a theme that a character launched the Macintosh computer in the 1984 era.

As everyone knows, Steve Jobs, in the movie, shows as a charismatic leader but also an abrasive leader who forces his workers to work fast so that he can launch his new product in the market.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs (Credits: Netflix)

As the CEO and leader of Apple company, his relationship with his coworker was a mixture of tension and joy. Steve can be seen creating an environment of tension so that he can make push all of his coworkers. As per the record, it was hectic for Apple workers and senior leaders to work under Steve, even though he is one of the best leaders on the list.

The whole family of Steve is also introduced in the movie as his daughter and wife. The next span, NeXT Launch, is about launching another updated version in the 1988 era. Here the series shows Steve’s relationship with the former CEO of Apple and his conflict with other coworkers. Steve is a famous CEO and, along with that, a father, his role as a father is also seen in this next launch.

  • Director: Danny Boyle
  • Genre: Technology and Drama
  • Released Year: 2015
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

The Hoax

Here in the story, we have our struggling writer who wanted a name for himself in the market. He has a daring plan for his financial future; Clifford is an upcoming aspiring writer who wants to be something else.

He wanted to be financially secure and make lots of money in a few intervals of time. He decided to write a fake autobiography and claim that he had taken many of the personal interviews of some of the tycoons in the past.

The Hoax
Hoax (Credits: Amazon)

He has a friend who became a work partner, and they both can be seen making a fake autobiography. At the start of his career, Irving convinced many publishers to publish his book in the market. As the publisher was unaware of the autobiography and couldn’t take the risk of it, no one accepted his book and work.

As his biography gets involved and published in the market. It caused a huge disaster, and the FBI started working on it. His autobiography and interviews were stated suspected by the police, as no one is sure why a publisher would introduce a fake book. After a while, his work of lies got captured by the higher authority, and his family had no idea about it, which is why it was out of the FBI investigation.

  • Director: Lasse Hallström
  • Genre: Technology and Drama
  • Released Year: 2006
  • Where to Watch: Amazon


The movie, one of the latest releases released in 2023, comes with a new technological advance. One of the shoe companies is on the low level of shutting down its company as they are at a loss, and moving forward will only cause more loss here. 

Air (Credits: Amazon)

The CEO of the company discussed the idea with his associate and executed it for the company’s interest. The company originally chose Michael Jordan as a label representative but then stopped it.

The movie is all about the journey of the Nike shoe business, from being at its most down to, after a while, on the top. In the movie, their shoe deal goes on top after the release of Nike sports shoes. 

  • Director: Ben Affleck
  • Genre: Technology and Drama
  • Released Year: 2023
  • Where to Watch: Amazon

The Social Network

It is a biographical drama that shows the early age of social media like Facebook. The story of Facebook is almost used by a single person nowadays. As everyone is aware, how many people do not use social media due to limited technology?  The launch of Facebook was not that easy and had a history of sacrifices and disputes that were never shown on the platforms.

The main media have never shown the conflicts between the CEO and its co-founders. The movie and the whole show revolve around Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a bright Harvard student who dreams of something big in his life.

The Social Network
The Social Network (Credits: Netflix)

Still, an idea clicked in his mind that he should try this to communicate with people, a way of socializing even when they are far from a distance. His website became popular among his peers, and everyone praised him for his new invention.

His life changed when Tyler and Cameron approached Mark for a business deal. A deal clearly stated that his invention could be the best source of social media marketing, and its launch could be the biggest invention in the world of technology. Mark saw an opportunity and agreed to it instantly.

  • Director: David Fincher
  • Genre: Technology and Drama
  • Released Year: 2010
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Pinball: The Man Who Saved The Game

The movie starts with Roger, who is the director of the movie. The main lead character’s biggest legacy was that he can change the spin ball game forever, and it starts with lots of profit.

Here the story is narrated by the main lead Roger, who states how his invention and discovery had a big impact on the world then. A proper documentary on Roger’s life and his invention of the pinball game. The story depicts his life from childhood to adulthood when he was young and fell in love with Ellen.

Pinball The Man Who Saved The Game
Pinball The Man Who Saved The Game (Credits: Amazon)

He wanted to move to New York to fulfill his writing game. In college, he discovered that the pinball game gave him joy, which is the only thing he enjoyed most. When he gets into New York, he discovers that the city does not accept the game and it is illegal here to watch and play. He had to drive to New Jersey if he wanted to play.

The time comes when pinball becomes an illegal game, and raids are taken place. Roger decided to write on the issues of neglecting pinball games and became famous for his writing on it.

It was almost a deadly game for the writer, which was almost removed by each city by the police and authorities. Roger also faces personal issues when he falls in love with a single mother, and things start falling off. He can be confused between choosing to save his joy pinball and his love for Ellen.

  • Director: Austin Bragg
  • Genre: Technology and Drama
  • Released Year: 2022
  • Where to Watch: Amazon

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Another biographical drama film comes with a competition plot between two technology geeks. Steve Jobs can be seen as an Apple CEO, Bill Gates, one of the richest men, and Microsoft CEO; both can be seen as the best opponent of each other regarding the best technology.

The movie shows both side stories and scenes depicting that technology matters for them, and each year, the updating of technology. The first part shows a young Steve, who can be seen working on the first Apple computer to make his website. However, the Apple company was well known by then for its design and powerful security.

Pirates of Silicon Valley
Pirates of Silicon Valley (Credits: Amazon)

The second part of the movie came with Bill Gates and his peak career when he was about to launch Apple with the help of his friend Paul. They both develop basic programming, which is a creation of Microsoft and further leads to technological advancement. Eventually, after a while, the company partnered with IBM to provide them with a better operating system.

As Apple and Microsoft begin their best careers, the tension in marketing can be seen increasing between them. A movie with a technology war between Steve and Mark is worth watching.

  • Director: Martyn Burke
  • Genre: Technology and Drama
  • Released Year: 1999
  • Where to Watch: Amazon

The Founder

It is a biographical based movie with the biography of Ray Krock, a well-known businessman. In his starting days as a carer was one of the milkshake salesmen and started a restaurant. He transformed his little restaurant into a big fast-food restaurant which is popular now known as Mcdonald’s.

It is one of the biggest fast-food restaurants and food empires, where it profits a lot of budget in these years. The movie deals with how a business can take place when it builds on proper dealing and better company partnerships. The movie’s show started with the biggest success of Mcdonald’s Franchise.

The Founder
The Founder (Credits: Amazon)

In his 1950 era, Ray can be seen as a struggling salesman who needed money for his dream restaurant. One day, he received an offer from a restaurant and convinced Mcdonald’s owners to get along for a franchise.

Within a year, the franchise started opening up, and the network of businesses started making a huge benefit. The delivery service is faster than before, and the profit of customer survival is in their hands.

With time the service of McDonald’s gets better, and profit maximizes. As the profits and famous category of the business get into the path, the conflict between dealers also. Everyone needed more benefits out of it. Eventually, Ray bought all the possible stakes in the company after a while and started making Mcdonald’s globally famous.

  • Director: John Lee Hancock
  • Genre: Technology and Drama
  • Released Year: 2016
  • Where to Watch: Amazon


The movie is based on a novel titled Radioactive; it is a story of love and how one can fall out of love. Biographical story of Marie Curie, who is well known for her research on radioactive and radioactivity researches.

She leaves a long-lasting impact on science and medicine for our future. Marie was well known for her experiments and research in science and medicine. Her research area was the study of elements, in which she chose to study radioactive elements. How they work in certain circumstances, she aimed to make a possible better discovery for mankind.

Radioactive (Credits: Netflix)

She was among the first women to win the Nobel Prize in science and research. She was interested in science experiments and was one of the most determined students in her early studies. Marie breaks all the social barrio for women, and winning the Nobel prize proved that women can do anything.

She discovers that certain elements in the field of chemistry emit waves, but no one knows what these rays are all about. Certainly, she discovers that these waves are known as radioactive waves. Her experiment was helpful in the treatment of cancer. Radiation therapy and radioactivity applications help in such cases, which is possible for Marie and her research.

  • Director: Marjane Satrapi
  • Genre: Technology and Drama
  • Released Year: 2019
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Glengarry Glen Ross

The story of Glengarry Glen Ross revolves around real estate sales and how it is competitive and risk-taking for those who want financial growth. The movie starts with a surrounding real estate office and its members struggling for the sellers and potential buyers.

The company comes with the best offer; the two best office employees will get Cadillac, and the other one will be in the least with get fires. A surrounding of chaos and competition takes place between all the employees.

Glengarry Glen Ross
Glengarry Glen Ross (Credits: Amazon)

The struggle and interaction between employees show that losing jobs is scarier than anything. The story starts with a salesman named Shelley, who is desperate for business growth and wants to close all his deals with maximum profit. The sales contest can be seen surrounding pressure on employees who must sell all the stakes as soon as possible and within two days.

The harsh reality of the real estate world is perfectly depicted in the movie, with every employee struggling with their daily jobs. In the end, one of the characters, Dave Moss, makes a plan to steal all the leads after the match. The real estate office gets into trouble, and everyone’s loyalty is checked.

  • Director: James Foley
  • Genre: Technology and Drama
  • Released Year: 1992
  • Where to Watch: Amazon

The Internship

The movies are comedy based and come with the adventurous life of a middle-aged salesman who, after his retirement, wanted to be busy to be happy. After his retirement, he decided to go for a job and applied in many places. As he applied in many places, he also applied in the goggle and got the job.

The Internship
The Internship (Credits: Netflix)

The real struggle started when he realized his younger employees and interns were way more advanced in technology than him. As technology advances, Billy realizes he is still an old-fashioned man with a simple life.

As he got the job, he did his best to show his potential despite his lack of knowledge. Along with Billy, another character named Nick can be seen facing the same issue in his job.

As the internship and job went on, they decided to continue their orthodox teamwork efforts. At first, no one takes Billy and Nick seriously, but after a while, it becomes obvious that they are better leaders for the company’s teamwork and progress.

  • Director: Shawn Levy
  • Genre: Technology and Drama
  • Released Year: 2013
  • Where to Watch: Netflix


Movies is a biographical drama that revolves around the story of Nicholas Tesla. Nicolas’s life history and how he made history by launching Tesla into the market. He was well known for his engineering capabilities and inventive mind. He invented and discovered a car model through his engineering abilities, and he is one of history’s most brilliant-minded people.

Tesla (Credits: Netflix)

Tesla is all about creation, discovery, and blocks Nicholas faced during his innovative work. His idea of manufacturing a product that has never been on the market with the best possible features is not easy.

Nicolas used a feature that would break the whole marketing system. He focused more on the best features that would be convenient for the user and the customer.

  • Director: Michael Almereyda
  • Genre: Technology and Drama
  • Released Year: 2020
  • Where to Watch: Netflix


The movie explores how a game builds and launches in the market; it is not easy to make classical video games. Tetris is a video game that was invented and made by a Russian scientist named Alexey.

He was one of the brilliant computer scientists and spent most of his time inventing and making websites and applications. Alexey started making a game that he named Tetris; to make it, he sacrificed his sleep and peace when the Tetris game came into the marker of video games.

Tetris (Credits: Apple TV)

Tetris is an addictive video game that comes with addictive features to rely on when someone is playing it. As the game started being played by games, its popularity is what the video game market was all about.

The best part is all cultures play the game, and it’s popular as it faces legal disputes also. Tetris gives a modern platform for video gaming with brand-new features and genres. As a video game developer, Alexey made a Tetris game played by video gamers worldwide.

  • Director: Jon S. Baird
  • Genre: Technology and Drama
  • Released Year: 2023
  • Where to Watch: Apple TV

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