12 FBI Crossover Cameos From Other Dick Wolf TV Show Characters


  • Characters from Dick Wolf’s FBI franchise, including FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International, frequently appear in crossover episodes with the original FBI series.
  • Chicago PD character Hailey Upton, played by Tracy Spiridakos, made a cameo in FBI season 2, episode 19, working alongside the FBI team during a murder case.
  • The FBI franchise’s characters, including Jess LaCroix, Tali Skye LaCroix, Kenny Crosby, Sheryll Barnes, Hana Gibson, Clinton Skye, Remy Scott, Jamie Kellett, Andre Raines, and Cameron Vo, have all made appearances in FBI episodes or crossover events.

Dick Wolf is the king of network procedural television series, and the television producer and his team often orchestrate crossovers between his shows, especially regarding FBI. The CBS crime drama series, which premiered in 2018 and finished airing its fifth season in 2023, focuses on a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) unit in New York City. Given the show’s background and storylines, it is easy for characters from other Wolf Entertainment (Wolf’s television production company) projects to appear in FBI and interact with its characters.

FBI stars Missy Peregrym as Maggie Bell, Zeeko Zaki as Omar Adom “OA” Zidan, Jeremy Sisto as Jubal Valentine, Alana de la Garza as Isobel Castille, John Boyd as Stuart Scola, and Katherine Renee Kane as Tiffany Wallace. Following its successful first season, CBS ordered two spinoffs — FBI: Most Wanted, which premiered in 2020, and FBI: International, which premiered in 2021. Since the three shows are all on the same network, it makes sense for characters from the FBI franchise to cross over, but one other cameo also cemented the fact that another Dick Wolf franchise takes place in the same universe as FBI‘s.

12 Hailey Upton – Chicago PD

Hailey Upton looking curious off camera

Tracy Spiridakos as Detective Hailey Upton, a main character from Dick Wolf’s Chicago PD, one of the shows in the One Chicago franchise, appeared in FBI season 2, episode 19. Upton, a member of the Intelligence Unit in Chicago PD, worked alongside the FBI team during the hour, which served as the season finale due to the coronavirus pandemic shutting down production, to solve a murder case. The detective was a part of the FBI’s interagency training program and served as Agent Maggie Bell’s replacement while she was away on an undercover assignment. Upton was OA’s temporary partner for the hour, and their different investigative methods certainly clashed. Related: Why Sela Ward Replaced Connie Nielsen On FBI After The Pilot Episode

11 Jess LaCroix – FBI: Most Wanted

FBI Most Wanted Jess LaCroix Julian McMahon

Supervisory Special Agent Jess LaCroix, played by Julian McMahon, was one of the protagonists in FBI: Most Wanted, FBI‘s first spinoff, and he first appeared in FBI season 1, episode 18. The hour served as the backdoor pilot for the spinoff series, which revolves around the FBI’s Fugitive Task Force, led by LaCroix. The FBI team had to link up with the FBI: Most Wanted unit when a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportation officer killed his family and fled. Before exiting his CBS series in its third season, McMahon guest starred as LaCroix in two other FBI episodes — season 2, episode 18, and season 4, episode 1.

10 Tali Skye LaCroix – FBI: Most Wanted

Tali Skye LaCroix in​​​​​​​ FBI: Most Wanted.

Jess LaCroix’s daughter, Tali Skye LaCroix, also appeared in the backdoor pilot for FBI: Most Wanted in FBI. The character was played by YaYa Gosselin, and her presence in the season 1 episode established the relationship between LaCroix and his daughter. Because LaCroix’s wife and Tali’s mother died and the Supervisory Special Agent worked long hours at the FBI, Tali was mostly cared for by her maternal grandparents. Tali later made a cameo during the crossover in FBI season 2.

9 Kenny Crosby – FBI: Most Wanted

Kellan Lutz in FBI Most Wanted

Special Agent Kenny Crosby, portrayed by Kellan Lutz, was one of the multiple FBI: Most Wanted agents who made their first appearances in the FBI backdoor pilot in the CBS show’s first season. Crosby was previously a soldier in the United States Army before joining LaCroix’s FBI Fugitive Task Force, and like LaCroix, Lutz’s character exited FBI: Most Wanted during its third season. However, Crosby was involved in two more crossovers (one in FBI season 2 and another in season 4) before leaving the task force.

8 Sheryll Barnes – FBI: Most Wanted

Special Agent Sheryll Barnes, played by Roxy Sternberg, from FBI: Most Wanted, had three cameos in the parent series. Fans first met Barnes during FBI season 1, episode 18, alongside her team members. Barnes went on to star in two other FBI crossover episodes — season 2, episode 18, and season 5, episode 17. The agent is a former detective who frequently worked undercover with the New York Police Department before joining the bureau. As a result, Barnes brought a unique set of skills to each crossover.

7 Hana Gibson – FBI: Most Wanted

Hana Gibson in FBI: Most Wanted.

Every FBI team needs an analyst/hacker, and for the FBI: Most Wanted crew, that role is filled by Hana Gibson, played by Keisha Castle-Hughes. Gibson, who is also a special agent with the FBI, appeared alongside the Fugitive Task Force team in the spinoff’s backdoor pilot — FBI season 1, episode 18. The intelligence analyst also made cameos during the CBS crime drama series’ second and fifth seasons crossovers. Related: Chicago Fire & PD Missed A Great Crossover Opportunity

6 Clinton Skye – FBI: Most Wanted

Clinton Skye in FBI: Most Wanted.

The final member of Supervisory Special Agent Jess LaCroix’s FBI Fugitive Task Force team that made their debut in FBI season 1, episode 18, was Special Agent Clinton Skye, played by Nathaniel Arcand. Skye was also LaCroix’s brother-in-law since he was his late wife’s brother. Because Arcand departed FBI: Most Wanted in season 2, his character only appeared in the spinoff’s backdoor pilot in FBI season 1.

5 Remy Scott – FBI: Most Wanted

FBI Most Wanted Dylan McDermott

Following Jess LaCroix’s death in FBI: Most Wanted season 3, Remy Scott, played by Dylan McDermott, replaced him as the Fugitive Task Force’s Supervisory Special Agent in the CBS series. Scott made his first (and so far, only) cameo in FBI season 5 during the three-part crossover between the parent show and its two spinoffs in April 2023. The Supervisory Special Agent had an integral role in solving the international case during the intense crossover event.

4 Scott Forrester – FBI: International

Scott Forrester in FBI: International.

Since FBI and FBI: Most Wanted proved to be successful, Dick Wolf and his production company ordered a second spinoff, FBI: International, which stars Luke Kleintank as Supervisory Special Agent Scott Forrester, the leader of the bureau’s International Fly Team. The third series did not get a backdoor pilot in either of the other two shows. So viewers had already met Forrester before he made a cameo in FBI season 5, episode 17.

3 Jamie Kellett – FBI: International

Jamie Kellett in FBI: International.

Heida Reed as Special Agent Jamie Kellett appeared in FBI season 5, episode 17, alongside the other members of Scott Forrester’s International Fly Team. She is one of the main characters in FBI: International, so it came as no surprise that she was involved in the three-part crossover event, especially because she is Forrester’s second in command on the team. Reed has a special relationship with her boss since they have worked together for five years.

2 Andre Raines – FBI: International

Andre Raines in FBI: International.

Carter Redwood, who plays Special Agent Andre Raines in FBI: International, made a cameo in FBI season 5, episode 17. He and his team worked alongside the New York FBI unit and the Fugitive Task Force to neutralize a terrorist threat. Raines has a background in accounting, so he utilizes that skill set to aid the FBI in their missions. Related: FBI: What Happened To Rina? Death & Aftermath Explained

1 Cameron Vo – FBI: International

Cameron Vo in FBI: International.

Last but certainly not least, Vinessa Vidotto, who plays Special Agent Cameron Vo in FBI: International, appeared in FBI‘s episode of the three-part crossover in 2023. Vo is an intense West Point graduate and the newest member of the International Fly Team in the spinoff’s first season. Although Vo only starred in one episode of the parent series, the future of the FBI franchise is bright, so there are guaranteed to be more cameo opportunities for Vo in the future.

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