12 Easter Eggs & MCU References Explained

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Marvel’s Echo


  • Maya sabotages Fisk Shipping, reminiscent of Fisk’s Union Allied in Daredevil.
  • Madripoor is referenced as a seedy city in the MCU known for corrupt criminals and black-market operations.
  • Kingpin survives his gunshot wound given to him by Maya which is inspired by the original comics, and a flashback to 2008 confirms Kingpin had power long before 2013’s Daredevil series.

Marvel’s Echo features a collection of exciting Easter eggs. Starring Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez, the titular hero clashes with none other than Wilson Fisk (Vicent D’onofrio), the Kingpin of Crime in New York who’s not as dead as Maya though following the events of 2021’s Hawkeye. As Maya returns to Oklahoma and faces her true family legacy, the new MCU features some great Easter eggs pointing to her comics history, the greater MCU, and more.

Marvel’s Echo is shorter than previous MCU shows, having been placed under a special new banner known as Marvel Spotlight. However, there are still plenty of fun references as Maya Lopez reconnects with her powerful family lineage while facing the legacy she left behind with Kingpin. Here’s every Easter egg in Marvel’s Echo, calling back to the MCU’s past, the comics, and even Netflix’s Daredevil which has essentially been confirmed as canon to the MCU.



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12 Fisk Shipping

Gun Running From Oklahoma To New York

Fisk Shipping in Echo Episode 1

Although the family Maya hasn’t seen in 20 years is in Oklahoma, they aren’t the reason she’s come home. Instead, it’s to sabotage Fisk Shipping, one of Kinpin’s businesses which is secretly a gun-running operation that Maya hopes to sabotage. This is not unlike Union Allied, the construction company that was owned by Fisk which he used to cover his illicit dealings in the wake of the Battle of New York (as seen in Daredevil season 1).

11 Madripoor

The Worst City In the MCU

The MCU’s Madripoor gets a reference from one of Maya’s cousins (named Biscuits). He claims that the more generic and inauthentic Navajo-styled blankets sold by retailer Anthropologie are allegedly manufactured in the seedy city. Madripoor was first seen in Falcon and the Winter Soldier where it was confirmed to be filled with multitudes of corrupt criminals and black-market operations.

10 Episode 3’s Old-Timey Western Opening

Mirrors Loki Season 2

Marvel Logo in Echo Episode 3

The third episode of Echo opens with a unique silent-film western sequence, showcasing the origins of one of Maya’s ancestors named Tuklo who was a lighthorsewoman in the late 1800s. This is not unlike the old-timey opening of Loki season 2 episode 3 when Loki and Agent Mobius visit the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.

9 Kingpin’s Surviving His Gunshot

Mirrors The Original Marvel Comics

Kingpin is revealed to have survived his gunshot from Maya in Hawkeye’s finale, mirroring what happened to Wilson Fisk in the original comics. After being shot by Maya on the page, Fisk is temporarily blinded though he eventually recovers. While the MCU’s Fisk recovers as well as seen in Echo, the damage was limited to a single eye (as opposed to both like in the comics).

8 Echo’s 2008 Flashback

The Start of The MCU

Wilson Fisk's Kingpin and young Maya Lopez walking away in Echo trailer

A key flashback showcasing Fisk’s relationship with Maya as a child takes place in 2008. This is the same year in which Iron Man takes place, the very first MCU film. As such, this confirms that Fisk was in power long before he debuted in Netflix’s Daredevil, and even before the origins of the first on-screen Avenger.


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7 Biscuits’ Lion King Reference

“Everything The Light Touches”

Simba and Mufasa look out to the Pride Lands in The Lion King (2019)

Needing to fix his grandmother’s truck after helping Maya, Biscuits is seen visiting a junkyard. The dealer gives Biscuits free reign of “everything the light touches”, to which Maya’s cousin asks if he’s quoting The Lion King. Sure enough, it’s a very funny reference to when Musfaa teaches his son Simba about their reign over the pridelands in the classic 1994 film.

6 Fisk’s Hammer

A Symbol Of Kingpin’s Trauma

Kingpin's Hammer in Marvel's Echo-1

Shortly after reuniting with Maya in Marvel’s Echo, Fisk offers her the hammer he used as a boy to kill his abusive father. Symbolizing his own rage and pain he believes is shared by Maya, the hammer is a palpable offering tying back to Fisk’s own dark origins first seen in Daredevil season 1. After giving Maya a chance to kill him with the hammer, he promises Maya a criminal empire all her own should she rejoin him as a part of his dark legacy.

5 Roxxon

They’re Everywhere!

Attempting to run away from Fisk, Maya is seen stopping at a gas station dinner owned by the Roxxon company. While Roxxon’s logo and various businesses have been seen all over the MCU since the very beginning with the first Iron Man movie, their darker motivations have barely been touched upon (though perhaps they will eventually in the future).

4 Connections To Maya’s Comics Role As The Phoenix

“Carried The Fire”

Echo (Maya Lopez) with the Phoenix Force in Avengers #44.

In the original Marvel Comics, Maya is currently the host of the fiery cosmic Phoenix Force which was first hosted by the X-Men’s Jean Grey. To that end, some loose connections could be made even though the MCU’s Echo gets more spiritual powers tied to her Choctaw ancestry. Not only is Maya told by the spirit of her mother that she “carries the fire” of her lineage, but Maya is also repeatedly warned of imminent danger by the frequent appearance of the same bird, representing the spirits of her ancestors watching over her.

3 The White Wall

Kingpin’s Painting

When Maya attempts to heal Fisk of his pain and rage with her new powers as Echo, multiple flashbacks to Kingpin’s past are shown. This includes his childhood room and the white wall he would stare at to calm himself when his father beat his mother. As seen in Daredevil season 1, Fisk would later buy a white painting resembling this same wall. This in turn led to meeting Vanessa Marianna, the woman who would become his wife in Daredevil season 3.


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2 The MCU’s Recurring Real-Life Newscaster

Pat Kiernan

Spider-Man, Charlie Cox as Daredevil and Pat Kiernan MCU Netflix

Real-life NYI news anchor Pat Kiernan makes another MCU appearance in Echo’s post-credits scene, speaking on television about New York’s need for a new mayoral candidate, something that piques Fisk’s interest. As such, this looks to be a key set-up for Fisk’s plans in Daredevil: Born Again. In total, Kiernan has previously been featured in The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Daredevil, The Defenders, The Punisher, and Hawkeye.

1 Echo’s Episode Names Are Maya’s Ancestors

The Finale Is Maya Herself

Episode Names in Marvel's Echo

Each episode of Marvel’s Echo is the name of Maya’s ancestors. Beginning with the oldest ancestor “Chafa” as the series’ premiere title, the show’s episodes continue to “Maya” as the finale title, seeing as how Maya is the culmination of their bloodline, their “Echo”. It’s a very powerful tie to the central theme of the entire MCU show.

All episodes of Marvel’s Echo are now streaming on Disney+ and Hulu.

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