10 Weirdest Infinite Craft Combinations That Left Me Speechless

Since its launch, Infinite Craft has taken the world by storm with the near-infinite amount of combinations you can make. With that, plenty of combinations that were beyond my wildest dreams were suddenly being generated before my eyes, so I figured it would be best to compile those that struck me the most.

10. Radioactive Kanye West

infinite craft radioactive kanye west
Image Source: Neal.fun via Twinfinite

“What was I doing combining Chernobyl and Kanye West?” you might ask. The answer isn’t quite as simple as the results, but it expanded my horizons and showed me that you can do quite a bit with only a little in Infinite Craft. Getting Kanye West was the hard part, mainly because I can’t remember how I got my way to Kardashian. However, getting the string of “Divorce, Husband and Marriage” meant I could pull the rapper from the weeds of wherever he hangs out nowadays.

Chernobyl wasn’t too difficult to get, especially after getting Kardashian, because I was able to get Kim Jong Un, and therefore Nuclear War shortly afterward. That led me to radiation, which I combined with Disaster, which I had from earlier experimenting, and it gave me the famous meltdown as a result. I didn’t intend to combine Radiation and Kanye West, but I was curious to see what the game would do if I placed him at the event scene and rolled the dice.

9. Yakinstein

infinite craft yakinstein
Image Source: Neal.fun via Twinfinite

This is one of those combinations that I could see coming from a few different places. Vomit and Frankstein? Yakuza and Frankenstein? Nope, although getting Frankenyakuza was a pleasant surprise, I made my way here by combining Yak and Einstein. Not quite as discreet as the other options, but still one of those combos that caught me off-guard.

I found myself with Yak long before I even had Einstein, and I had tried plenty of combinations before finding one that stuck, and it just so happened that it stuck with Einstein. Something about it almost feels like an insult you could say to someone who’s acting a little too smart, but trying to explain where that came from might give them more reason to be a Yakinstein.

8. Kim Jong-Kardashian

infinite craft kim jong-kardashian
Image Source: Neal.fun via Twinfinite

This was the result of a rather strange train of thought which also included Kim Jong-dead, which felt a little darker than I had anticipated. On a lighter note, I was trying to combine Kim Jong-Un and Kardashian to get at least one of the famous family members, but Infinite Craft had something a little bit different in mind.

This became a classic example of some of the dead ends you can find yourself in while playing Infinite Craft. Sometimes you can just combine various terms and see what they create, but every once in a while, it’ll just loop you through the same couple of terms. Instead of giving a bunch of diverse results, it might get confused and dial into a single thread, giving you results like Kim Jong-Kardashian.

7. Super Hobbitman

infinite craft super hobbitman
Image Source: Neal.fun via Twinfinite

In a world with both Hobbits and heroes, it can be hard to determine who is the Superman of the Shire. Sometimes Infinite Craft will take a combination of the two terms you enter and give you the representation of what that combination would be – if you combine President and Wall, you’ll get Trump. However, other times it takes your input so literally that you get things like Super Hobbitman.

I wondered what would happen if I were combining different IPs like Assassin’s Creed and Attack on Titan, and I quickly learned that doing this would confuse Infinite Craft into just combining terms as though they belong together. Combining Superman and some of the X-Men proved to be a futile gesture until I also found my way to Super Phoenixman and had to simply call it quits.

6. Zombie Barad-dur

infinite craft zombie barad-dur
Image Source: Neal.fun via Twinfinite

In a train of thought that had me wanting to know if the game knew where certain characters lived, I managed to create the Batcave by combining Batman and House, so when I tried to combine Sauron and House, I was already surprised to find that it gave me Barad-dur. Further experimentation led me to add House back into the mix and I got House of Barad-dur, and when I combined that with Zombie Davis (long story), I was met with Zombie Barad-dur.

This rabbit hole somehow managed to continue deeper, as I felt the urge to combine it with Yak, giving me the refined Yak-dur. Whether or not this is some alternate universe where Lord of the Rings was represented by wild oxen, it makes me want to combine Yak with every other option I’ve come across so far.

5. Harry Potter and the Pie Terrorist

infinite craft harry potter and the pie terrorist
Image Source: Neal.fun via Twinfinite

Sometimes Infinite Craft is pretty quick about either kicking two terms back at you or giving you a combination, but when I combined Harry Potter and Pie Terrorist, the game took a moment to process what it was about to do. I didn’t think it would put the two together, no more did I expect it to give me the next book in the franchise. It feels very much like something that would be a great time if you plugged it into Chat GPT.

This led me down a full train of thought, combining all of the terms I’ve got with Harry Potter to see what different film names I could make. Interestingly enough, you actually can’t make all that many, so it’s amazing that out of all the terms that worked, Pie Terrorist was the one. I can’t tell you just why I would be so interested in seeing this film, but I would be waiting in line just to see how it turned out.

4. Zombama

infinite craft zombama
Image Source: Neal.fun via Twinfinite

This one is short, sweet, and to the point. As soon as you read it, there’s a clear understanding of what this result has to offer. Zombama is the setup and the punch line at the same time while raising questions in the back of your mind for later. Adding Zombie to other terms doesn’t always result in Zom- and the term, so the fact that Infinite Craft chooses to indulge in the former president makes for a fascinating thought experiment.

I managed to get Zombie Lincoln, Zombie Terrorist, and Zombie Truck, but the game seems to be pretty fair between combining the words and keeping them separate. I created Zombillionaire alongside Zombama, but then I figured that I could get away with stretching a bit more and also created Zombama Truck for yet another first discovery.

3. Frankenkim 8

infinite craft frankenkim 8
Image Source: Neal.fun via Twinfinite

When it comes to the results that you can get in Infinite Craft, sometimes it’s a bit more on the nonsensical side of things than reasonable. Frankenkim is the perfect example of this, and after having found a bunch of different devices like iPhones, I was ready to go crazy seeing what I could get. Turns out, if you combine Frankenstein and Kim before adding Windows 8, you’ll be met with a string of characters that represents the very essence of those terms.

I don’t know what else I must’ve been expecting, but I figured that the game would’ve just kicked the terms back at me and not given a result before it responded to such arbitrary input. It’s things like this that make you wonder the exact extent of the game, and just what makes it behave the way it does. How much of the game is generated automatically and how much is hand-written seems to get fuzzy when you’re getting this far into the weeds.

2. Chuckledore

infinite craft chuckledore
Image Source: Neal.fun via Twinfinite

Chuckledore is funny for more reasons than one. Firstly, it rolls off the tongue pleasantly and at first, could sound like it means a lot of different things. Then, when you think a little more about it, you realize that it’s from combining Chuckle and Dumbledore…Or is it? Without having come across the term Chuckle, I had to settle for the next best thing – Chuckmon.

Chuckmon was a product of my curiosity running rampant and turned out to be the love child of Pokemon and the one and only Chuck Norris. I didn’t even get a chance to try combining Dumbledore with Chuck Norris before I used Chuckmon instead, and the result was just as incredible as what happened when I combined the two.

1. God

infinite craft god
Image Source: Neal.fun via Twinfinite

Frankly, while I had a feeling that this would be an option to make in Infinite Craft, I never knew how I could create God. As it turns out, it wasn’t anything like combining Cosmic and Man or anything you would expect. Rather, you can create God by combining Chuck Norris and Anime Hitler. Read that again. Now, I finally see the league that this game is playing in. To be fair, it seems like Chuck Norris is the fastest route to God in the game because you can use him to make God with other terms, so once you’ve got him you should be golden.

Having recently made Pokemon as well as Chuck Norris, I had to combine the two to give myself Chuckmon, and with having then created God (no, not Taylor Swift), I combined those two and found myself with Jesus himself. Just these two terms alone can be combined for plenty of other rabbit holes like Adam, Eve and other biblical figures, and you’ll find shocking results that just might leave you speechless as well.

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