10 Ways to Prepare for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

With Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth taking its sweet time getting here, hype has reached a fever pitch. Instead of pacing back and forth, we’ve come up with some ideas for being a bit more proactive. While you wait, here are 10 ways to prepare for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth!

10. Preorder and Preload FF7 Rebirth

cid key art final fantasy 7 rebirth
Image Source: Square Enix

If you haven’t already preordered the game, you still have time. Keep in mind Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has several editions and preorder bonuses, and the bonuses are different depending on the vendor.

On that same note, you’ll be able to preload FFVII Rebirth—assuming you have the digital version—a few days before it releases. Sadly, you won’t be able to play it until it officially releases, but at least you’ll be able to fire it up as soon as it’s unlocked.

9. Replay Final Fantasy 7 Remake and INTERmission DLC

a character wearing a sweater in FF7 Rebirth
Image Source: Square Enix

It doesn’t hurt to get a refresher, right? Not only will playing FF7 Remake help you freshen your memory, but you’ll also work that muscle memory back in, too. If you’ve played the FF7 Rebirth demo at all, you might’ve noticed the combat plays very similarly with a few minor and major additions, like Synergy abilities.

More importantly, you’ll want a save file of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the DLC, INTERmission. Your progress from FF7 Remake won’t carry over—or the progress of the Rebirth demo, for that matter—but if you have a save final of the Remake and the DLC, you’ll be able to claim both the Ramuh and Leviathan summons in Rebirth.

8. Clear Your Schedule and Burn a Sick Day or Two

person on couch waiting for final fantasy 7 rebirth to release
Image Source: Pexels

Those sick days were just collecting dust, and if you never use them, you’ll end up wasting them at the end of the year, anyway. And hey, you are sick, you know? Sick of work. With FFVII Rebirth releasing on a Thursday, which is a tad awkward, consider taking off both Thursday and Friday, giving you four straight days of gaming.

While you’re at it, don’t make any commitments, either. If you want to really zero in on the game, disable your notifications, maybe silence your phone entirely, and most importantly, ignore social media. In fact, it’s worth ignoring the week of its release to avoid spoilers and whatnot.

7. Prepare Your PS5 and Your Gaming Space

clearing up space in ssd for final fantasy 7 rebirth on ps5
Image Source: Sony via Twinfinite

The fate of the planet cannot hinge on a dead controller, or the lack of snacks, or an uncomfortable seat, or the lack of storage, especially if you frequently purchase digital games. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a hefty boy, weighing in at 150GB. For god’s sake, the game is split between two discs!

So, go into Settings > Storage > Console Storage, then start deleting games that you won’t be playing any time soon. I’d even target the Media Gallery because those high-quality screenshots and videos really add up.

If you have two controllers, then great! Charge both of them so you can switch between the two when the other inevitably dies. Don’t forget snacks, plenty of water and fizzy soda, a warm blanket, and your favorite socks.

6. Play the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo

The piano mini game in FF7 Rebirth.
Image Source: Square Enix via Twinfinite

Look, if the anticipation of the game’s release is getting to you, clear some space because you’ll need plenty for the Rebirth demo—at least 50GB. That’s quite a lot for a demo, but considering what you get in return, it’s totally worth it, even if you’re a couple days away from the release date.

First off, you get to explore some of Cloud’s past, like his hometown of Nibelheim. Secondly, you’ll be able to experience some of the new additions to combat, even play as Sephiroth. Thirdly, the demo is getting an update on Feb. 21, 2024 that lets you explore some of Junon. And last, you can jam out on the piano, which has been one of my favorite parts of the demo. What can I say? I love rhythm games!

5. Listen to the Albums and Watch Trailers (Obsessively)

Both the soundtracks for FF7 and FF7 Remake are fantastic, though the original FF7 soundtrack is my personal favorite. I never get tired of listening to Under the Rotting Pizza or Red XIII’s theme. The Remake has good tunes, too, like the Old Wall Market theme remix and Hollow Skies (the acoustic theme that plays when you’re in Sector 5).

Of course, if you’re planning on staying as spoiler-free as possible and ignoring the demo, there are plenty of gameplay trailers that show off the game without going too deep into the story.

4. Watch Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

red xiii in final fantasy vii advent children
Image Source: Square Enix, Visual Works

How about a movie night? You’re forgiven if you’ve never heard of Advent Children, especially if the remake is your first time experiencing Final Fantasy 7. Advent Children is, after all, a nearly two-decade old movie, which you’ll immediately notice due to its outdated CGI. Look past that and you’ll have yourself a pretty good time.

However, keep in mind that Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is a movie sequel, set two years after the events of FF7, and canon to the story. It isn’t spoilers you need to worry so much about, but the lack of knowledge. It’s a lot easier to follow if you’ve experienced at least the original FF7.

3. Play Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 VII Reunion and Ever Crisis

zack fair in crisis core final fantasy vii reunion
Image Source: Square Enix

Just like with Advent Children, Crisis Core fleshes out the entire narrative, giving you a deeper understanding of Zack’s story. From the context of the remake, we only see and experience bits and pieces. Through Crisis Core, you’ll witness everything that happens up until the start of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Oh, and combat is very similar to the remake, so it’s pretty easy to sink right in.

Similarly, playing Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will also expand on the lore, not just for the remake, but many of the character’s backstories as well, like Barret, Aerith, even Sephiroth. One thing to note is that Ever Crisis is only on Android, iOS, and PC.

2. Finish Outstanding Chores and Spend Time With Family

person cleaning dirty dishes so they can play final fantasy 7 rebirth
Image Source: Pexels

Those dishes sure are piling up, and you’ve skipped laundry day twice this week. Only you know how many chores you’ve pushed aside for far too long. I’m telling you now, it’s easier to relax when you get your chores out of the way ahead of time. You’ll also avoid heat from your parents or your significant other.

On that same note, do be sure to spend some extra time with your family. Overload them with so much love, they’ll want you to leave them alone for a couple of days. Just don’t let them know that was all part of your dastardly plan for “you time.”

1. Replay the Original Final Fantasy 7

battling the guard scorpion boss in the original final fantasy 7
Image Source: Square Enix

Take it from me: I’ve been playing the original Final Fantasy VII for over two decades. I get the urge to play at least once a year, to completion. Aside from its low polygonal models, the game still holds up surprisingly well, and that’s owed entirely to the music, the story, and the gameplay. It is turn-based, but if you’ve been fawning over Baldur’s Gate 3 lately, that shouldn’t present a problem.

It’s a long game, though, but modern ports give you access to sweet abilities like fast-forwarding and battle boost (which is essentially invincibility). And since the game is complete, you don’t have to wait to see the ending, not to mention many moments to relive.

If you follow our 10 ways to prepare for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you’ll be ready to take on Sephiroth without breaking a sweat. We guarantee it!

About the author

Brady Klinger-Meyers

Brady is a Freelance Writer at Twinfinite. Though he’s been at the site for only a year, Brady has been covering video games, and the industry itself, for the past three years. He focuses on new releases, Diablo 4, Roblox, and every RPG he can get his hands on. When Brady isn’t focused on gaming, he’s toiling away on another short story.

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