10 Ramona Flowers Cosplays That Perfectly Capture Her Scott Pilgrim Persona


  • Ramona Flowers is an iconic character known for her alt-aesthetic and diverse fashion choices.
  • Cosplayers can capture Ramona’s complex personality through her wardrobe and accessories.
  • The best Ramona Flowers cosplays replicate her ever-changing looks and embody her unique personality.

Brought to life by the talented Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ramona Flowers has been an icon for the alternative aesthetic since her on-screen introduction in Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Her talent for effortlessly embodying a diverse range of looks makes her a premium choice for ambitious cosplayers who want to tap into their inner badass. Ramona’s fashion sense is a kaleidoscope of edgy, femme, and emo looks, mixing studded belts and military-style apparel with bold, vibrant jeweled tones that always seem to coordinate with her ever-changing hair.

Beyond her fashion-forward exterior, Ramona is a character known for her complex personality. Her mysterious, detached demeanor captured the hearts of viewers who could relate to her backstory of past loves, regrets, and evil exes. These enigmatic themes make Ramona Flowers one of the best characters for cosplayers aiming to capture an iconic look and emotional depth. From steampunk goggles to star-studded messenger bags, the best Ramona Flowers cosplays not only replicate her ever-changing wardrobe but also capture the essence of her complex personality, embodying the dynamic that makes her a truly unforgettable presence in pop culture.


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10 Pink Haired Ramona

Ramona’s Debut Outfit

When audiences first meet Ramona Flowers, she’s performing her courier duties and rocking one of her signature layered ensembles. Marked by her lively hair and steampunk goggles, Ramona’s magenta locks set the stage for her regular hair transformations — a visual representation of her spontaneous spirit and resistance to societal norms. From her edgy magenta hairstyle to her cargo jacket and hoodie, Instagram user @blackkrystel cosplays a look heavily inspired by Ramona’s debut ensemble, with a few variations that make the style her own.

9 Green Haired Ramona

Ramona’s Signature Black Dress

During the epic showdown between Scott Pilgrim and Ramona’s seventh evil ex, Gideon, Ramona can be seen wearing this edgy ensemble that shows off her femme side. The sweetheart neckline and full skirt are a visible contrast to her casual attire, which is why this is recognized as one of her more sensual outfits. Instagram user @vicont_duke gracefully nails this look, complete with Ramona’s signature green hairstyle and studded accessories. With a subtle stare, @vicont_duke mimics Ramona’s attitude effortlessly, adding attention to detail that helps this cosplay stand out from the crowd.


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8 Blue-Haired Ramona

Ramona’s Layered Cargo Dress With Striped Top

In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Ramona interferes in Scott’s fight with her ex, Roxy, in one of the coolest showdowns in the film. The 2-v-1 battle is the first time Ramona uses her weapon, an oversized hammer she stores in her messenger bag. Instagram user @drymartini_cosplay recreates this look, complete with a life-size replica of Ramon’s hammer that is almost identical to the one in the movie. The addition of the steampunk goggles and fingerless gloves helps pull the look together and adds to the cosplay’s high-quality production value.

7 Ramona’s Softer Side

In Scott Pilgrim, Ramona is defined by her cold, withdrawn attitude and sarcastic sense of humor. However, as she opens up to Scott about her devious past, her hard exterior softens, and she begins to show a vulnerable side that makes her character more relatable. Instagram user @juice050607 not only nails Ramona’s signature courier outfit — complete with a purple sweater and pink fishnets — but seamlessly embodies the essence of the character with a longing stare that reflects Ramona’s softer side.

6 Vibrant Ramona

A Bright Look Inspired By A Private Moment Between Scott And Ramona

Ramona Flowers is famous for her bold use of vibrant colors, a reflection of her daring personality. Throughout Scott Pilgrim, she switches her style often, but her palette mainly consists of bright jewel tones — electrifying hues of pinks, greens, purples, and blues. Instagram user @taliverse plays this up in a Ramona Flowers cosplay that remixes one of Ramona’s earliest looks in the film. This cosplay blends Ramona’s style by sticking to her signature color palette while adding original elements to the mix.

5 Ramona’s Blue And White Striped Hoodie

Ramona’s Outfit When She Meets Envy Adams

One of the messages delivered by Ramona Flower’s wardrobe is that less is more. Her costume designs managed to speak to an entire generation of women despite being made up of simple, casual pieces. Instagram user @candylion.cos plays up this affinity for basics in a Ramona Flowers cosplay that opts for one of Ramona’s underrated everyday looks. Not only does the cosplayer sport a hoodie and choker that are identical to the character’s, but the physical resemblance to Ramona is striking.

4 Ramona’s Big Eyes

Another Homage To Ramona’s Debut Outfit

One of Ramona’s most iconic features is her big eyes, which she uses to deliver piercing stares and dreamy looks that help viewers fall in love with her. Instagram user @molzenna plays up Ramona’s dreamy gaze in a cosplay, with makeup accentuating eyes that practically sparkle on film. With a magenta hairdo, cargo jacket, blue hoodie, and striped sweater, @molzenna’s resemblance to Ramona is remarkable all around.

3 Vulnerable Ramona

A Reflection Of Ramona’s Vulnerable Side

Ramona Flowers left a lasting impression on viewers of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World thanks to her refreshing take on the female love interest in cinema. Her unconventional presence connected with a new generation of viewers who were hungry for something relatable and authentic. Instagram user @casual_moth_cosplay does a phenomenal job reflecting Ramona’s authenticity in her cosplay, embodying a girl who stands confidently in her jadedness and owns up to who she is.

2 Emotionally Unavailable Ramona

An Accurate Depiction Of Her Guarded Personality

When Scott Pilgrim initially meets Ramona Flowers, she’s cold and emotionally unavailable. Although Scott’s persistence helps turn the relationship into a blossoming romance, Ramona never denies that she’s still processing unresolved feelings from her most recent breakup. Instagram user @kineticcostumes beautifully captures Ramona Flower’s reserved essence, encapsulating her alternative style and guarded personality. This look pays homage to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World‘s iteration of the character well in that regard, as well as in terms of style.

1 Sophisticated Ramona

A Bold, Chic Variant Of Ramona

A Ramona Flowers look is not complete without her vibrant color palette, layered outerwear, colorful hair, and iconic accessories. In a Scott Pilgrim cosplay, Instagram user @cos.itsjess takes these concepts and runs with them, adding an inventive twist that elevates Ramona’s iconic casual style. The Instagram user swaps Ramona’s fishnets and motor boots for pink opaque tights and knee-highs, adding a touch of sophistication that takes the cosplay to another level. This look maintains Ramona’s usual style while making it the cosplayer’s own, landing it among the most noticeable portrayals of the character.

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Release Date:

    Edgar Wright

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Brandon Routh, Kieran Culkin, Aubrey Plaza, Anna Kendrick, Jason Schwartzman, Alison Pill, Brie Larson, Chris Evans, Michael Cera


    112 minutes

    Action, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy

    Edgar Wright, Michael Bacall

    Scott Pilgrim must defeat his new girlfriend’s seven evil exes in order to win her heart.

    Story By:
    Bryan Lee O’Malley

    $60 million

    Marc Platt Productions, Big Talk Films, Closed on Mondays Entertainment, Dentsu

    Universal Pictures

    Scott Pilgrim

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