10 Pokemon That Would Make the Best Household Pets

There are numerous cute and friendly Pokemon in existence, with over a thousand different specimens available to choose from. Among them, certain ‘Mons seem to be the perfect contenders for household pets in the Pokemon world, and we’ve rounded up ten of these adorable critters to show off!


Eevee in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

I’m sure it’s no surprise that Eevee is among the first contenders for a Pokemon pet. After all, look at the adorable little ball of fluff; It’s like the cute little fox-dog everyone dreams of owning!

Besides, in the Pokemon anime, Eevee has been portrayed as very loyal, friendly, and well-behaved, making it the perfect companion even for young children.

On top of this, owning an Eevee as a pet would give you plenty of flexibility for the type of pet that you’d like to gain, as it can evolve into several different forms. Perhaps a Vaporeon for all of the surfer kids out there, an Espeon for those who enjoy peace and quiet, an Umbreon for people who enjoy investigating the mysteries of the night, or a Sylveon for those who love making new friends and exploring new places, among others.

The choice is yours, and you’d still be left with a cute and cuddly companion once all is said and done.

Alolan Vulpix

Alolan Vulpix in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Look at this cute, frosty little friend! I would most certainly enjoy having an Alolan Vulpix for a pet, that’s for sure!

This is especially true after seeing just how sweet Lillie’s Alolan Vulpix Snowy was in the Pokemon Sun & Moon anime. This creature has a quiet and calm temperament and is perfect for any individual who doesn’t enjoy the heat, such as myself. I couldn’t imagine anything better than having a chilly little pal to cool down the temperature on a hot summer’s day.

Plus, Alolan Vulpix looks adorable and has some very cute little hair and tail poofs that are just begging for pats.


Furret in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Who wouldn’t love this fluffy little ferret creature and its long, slinky, noodle-like body! 

Furret is absolutely adorable and looks like it would make the perfect neck pillow for the best cozy cuddles after a long day. Would you not feel like you have the coolest animal companion ever if you rocked up with one of these little friends twisted around your arm or looped around your shoulder wherever you go?

On top of all that, Furret loves to go treasure hunting and collect little knick-knacks, which makes it the perfect companion for any child or adult who loves to explore and discover new things.


Skitty in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Cat lovers rejoice! Skitty is the perfect contender for any cat enthusiast’s household pet, with this cute little critter spending most of its time chasing its tail and making itself dizzy; much like a playful kitten.

And I mean, just look at that little face — is that not the most precious thing in the world?

Skitty undeniably deserves all of the pets and attention it desires, and would be a great first pet and companion for young children and adults alike. You can’t go wrong with this tiny pink catto.


Cinccino in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Adorable chinchilla pet? Check. 

Cinccino is the best choice for such a critter, with this little guy making a perfect household pet for anyone in search of an adorable little companion.

In addition to having a sweet little face, Cinccinos are known for their cleanliness, as their fur produces oil that both helps prevent dust and provides healing properties for the skin of their human comrades. Not only would the Cinccino be a cute little critter to have by your side, but it’d be extremely low maintenance, not needing excessive grooming or care as some other species would require.


smeargle, pokemon go, best moveset, best moves, mobile
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Do you consider yourself a creative individual? Perhaps you wished you could have a little buddy to help with your artistic endeavors and projects.

If so, Smeargle is the perfect Pokemon fto have as a pet, as this strange lemur and dog hybrid creature loves to use its tail as a paintbrush to form pictures and create masterpieces. Just call him the Da Vinci of Pokemon!

Imagine being able to collaborate on a fun little drawing or artwork with your pet. Would this not be the best thing in the world? I certainly think so.


Arcanine in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Come on, we can all agree that Arcanine is the biggest and bestest heckin’ boi in the Pokemon franchise.

Provided your home has the space to house such a large ball of fluff, this creature would be one of the best options available for a household pet. They’re known to be perhaps one of the most loyal Pokemon in existence, and are also extremely large and lovable.

as an added bonus, these Pokemon are so big that both children and adults can ride them around as a method of transport. Does that not make Arcanine one of the coolest Pokemon pets of all time?


Pidgey in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

This one might come as a surprise, as Pidgey and their evolutions can have a bit of a defensive and hostile streak in them if they are disturbed by others.

However, Pidgey is usually docile, for the most part. If raised from youth, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, and Pidgeot can also be some of the best bird companions in the Pokemon universe, known to be extremely loyal to their owners.

This makes this cute little bird a great choice for a household pet, and even suitable for children to grow up alongside. I’m in favor of having one of these little buddies sitting on my head or shoulder as I walk around the house, keeping me company with little chirps. Yes please, precious birb child.


Pokemon Bulbasaur
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

While any of the starter Pokemon would probably make good choices for a household pet, one stands out above them all; none other than our lovely little plant dino, Bulbasaur.

First of all, there’s no worry about your house being burnt down, or having your possessions ruined by an accidental Hydro Pump attack. Plus, Bulbasaur has been shown throughout its existence in the Pokemon franchise to be a friendly and caring Pokemon, gently taking care of other Pokemon with a kind and nurturing personality.

Bulbasaur really is just a happy little friend, making him the best kind of pet anyone could ask for.


Pikachu in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

C’mon now, you didn’t seriously think we could complete this list without mentioning the understandably popular Pikachu, did you?

Pikachu has proven itself time and time again to be one of the most loyal and trustworthy companions in the Pokemon franchise. Though Ash’s Pikachu initially had some temperament issues, this Electric mouse has proven itself to be extremely reliable and the best of partners throughout their journey.

Many other Pikachu in the franchise have also shown themselves to be some of the best little buddies around, such as Ritchie’s Pikachu, Sparky, and Victor’s surfing Pikachu, Puka. Pikachu is always ready to stick by its Trainer’s side, defending them when needed and getting up to much fun and adventure.

Oh, it’s also completely adorable, so that earns it some obvious bonus points too.

About the author

Grace Black

Grace is a writer, digital artist, and character illustrator from New Zealand with a love for fiction and storytelling. Grace has been writing for Twinfinite for seven months and in the games industry for a year. She’s a horror enthusiast, occasional anime enjoyer, and die-hard Ghost-Type Pokemon fangirl. Her favorite video games include Overwatch 2, Life is Strange, The Last of Us, and Pokemon – all of which she will never tire of.

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