10 Most Loyal Creatures in Harry Potter

It’s important to remember the ongoing controversial statements by the creator of the Harry Potter franchise. CBR supports the hard work of industry professionals on properties fans know and love and the wider world of Harry Potter that fans have adopted as their own. You can find CBR’s continuing coverage on J.K. Rowling here.

The Harry Potter movies featured a wide variety of exciting magical elements such as spells, potions and even creatures. J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, managed to incorporate magical creatures which quickly became a huge part of the Harry Potter universe. From the chaotic nifflers to the graceful unicorns, magical creatures in Harry Potter possessed their own personalities and some even became loyal companions for certain characters.

Throughout the Harry Potter movies, fans could witness these magical creatures bonding with Harry, Hagrid or even some darker fellows of the Harry Potter universe. Nonetheless, their importance was sometimes overlooked, and their loyalty underappreciated. Fans could be surprised that there were a lot more loyal creatures than just Hedwig and Buckbeak.

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10 Thestrals

Thestral in Harry Potter

Thestrals in Harry Potter were dark-skinned winged horses and were generally seen as having a more displeasing physical appearance. The Ministry of Magic even categorized them as dangerous, even though Harry Potter portrayed them as peaceful and calm in nature. Their negative reputation might be connected to the fact that one could only see these majestic beasts after having been faced with death.

In Harry Potter, Hagrid and Luna Lovegood vouched for Thestrals’ loyalty and intelligence, even using them as means of transportation. According to Hagrid, they listened to their rider’s voices and would travel to specific locations when asked. Thestrals made a clear distinction between friend and foe and their loyalty drove them to protect their friends from any harm making them perfect companions in Harry Potter.

9 Hedwig

Harry Potter's pet owl Hedwig

Harry Potter’s favorite owl, Hedwig, made his first appearance early on in the Harry Potter franchise during Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Hedwig was a snowy owl and after being gifted to Harry as a birthday gift from Hagrid, their friendship began to blossom. Owls in Harry Potter were generally used for communication, but Hedwig became much more than a simple flying postal system to Harry.

Hedwig was in pretty much every Harry Potter movie, becoming a recurring creature and exemplifying her loyalty to Harry and his friends. Hedwig was a steadfast companion for Harry and continued to stay loyal to him until the end. Unfortunately, Hedwig met her end in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 when she was struck by the Killing Curse during the Battle of the Seven Potters.

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8 Pickett

Pickett in Fantastic Beasts

This tiny creature made its first appearance in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Pickett was a Bowtruckle and accompanied Newt Scamander on his journeys. Pickett was extremely skilled at lock picking and his skills came in handy on many occasions in Fantastic Beasts by helping Newt and his friends escape more than one hopeless situation.

Both Newt and Pickett were extremely attached to one another, so much so that Pickett was the only creature that was allowed to travel in Newt’s top pocket. Fantastic Beasts showcased Pickett’s loyalty to Newt, even after Newt traded him in to gain some valuable information. The Fantastic Beasts movies showed Newt and Prickett as a closed unit, with their loyalty always being to one another.

7 Firenze

Firenze in Harry Potter

Firenze was a centaur in Harry Potter and although centaurs were generally more skeptical to form bonds with anyone outside their species, Firenze ended up being a loyal friend to Dumbledore and Harry. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone marked the beginning of Firenze’s bond with Harry after rescuing him from the possessed Quirinus Quirrell.

Firenze even became a divination professor at Hogwarts after Dumbledore wanted to take advantage of the Divination skills innate in centaurs. Firenze was in fact so loyal to Hogwarts that he fought during the Battle of Hogwarts and was injured as a consequence. Firenze did not care that his loyalty to Harry and Dumbledore would hurt his reputation with the centaurs. In the end, Harry Potter showed Firenze being allowed back into his herd of centaurs, creating a happy end to his story.

6 Fang

Fang lying on the carpet in Hagrid's hut in Harry Potter

Fang was a Boarhound dog and Hagrid’s pet in Harry Potter. Fang was a very friendly dog, but extremely scared, although his enormous size might have indicated otherwise. Fang made several appearances in the Harry Potter movies and was seen especially enthusiastic when Harry, Ron and Hermione visited him in Hagrid’s hut.

Harry Potter portrayed Fang as a lovable pet, loyal to those that treated him with kindness and respect. During Dolores Umbridge’s rule of Hogwarts, Fang defended Hagrid when Aurors of the Ministry of Magic tried to attack Hagrid. This event showed that Fang was loyal and protective of those he liked, even overcoming his fear to keep Hagrid safe.

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5 Buckbeak

Buckbeak in Harry Potter

Buckbeak was a hippogriff in Harry Potter and played a significant role in the lives of Hagrid, Harry, Ron and Hermione. Buckbeak was sentenced to death in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban after attacking Draco Malfoy, but was saved with the help of a Time-Turner and consequently taken in by Sirius Black.

Buckbeak was a very proud and intelligent creature throughout the Harry Potter movies and protected those that treated him with respect. Buckbeak showed his loyalty to Harry and Hagrid on many occasions and even helped defend Hogwarts during the Battle of Hogwarts.

4 Mrs. Norris

Argus Filch and his cat Mrs. Norris in Harry Potter

Mrs. Norris might not have been the first creature that comes to mind when thinking about loyal creatures, yet the Harry Potter movies made it clear that Argus Filch’s cat was more to him than just a pet. When thinking about Filch, one always associated him in connection with his cat. Sadly though, the presence of a feline did not make Filch more likable, but her loyalty to him couldn’t be denied.

Mrs. Norris formed a strong bond with Argus Filch and alerted him of any roaming students in Hogwarts. Their loyal connection to one another made them an unrivaled team in catching misbehaving Hogwarts students and resulted in students hating both of them equally. Mrs. Norris was intelligent and only loyal to Argus Filch, never leaving his side and constantly looking to fulfill her masters quest in being a successful school caretaker.

3 Aragog

Aragog the Acromantula talking to Harry and Ron in his nest in Harry Potter

Aragog first appeared in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and definitely made for a frightening cinema experience. Aragog was part of the Acromantula species, huge spiders that even devoured human flesh. During his lifetime, Aragog produced many children, who at one point even attacked Harry and Ron to satisfy their hunger for flesh.

Aragog might initially be perceived as a rather foul-looking and dangerous creature in Harry Potter, his loyalty to Hagrid did however keep him from causing any harm to humans. Aragog constantly resisted the urge to eat human flesh, as his close friendship with Hagrid meant too much to him. It was even rumored that the only reason behind his attack on Ron and Harry resulted out of good parenthood, as he did not want to let his children starve. Aragog was therefore not only a loyal creature, but also a loving father.

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2 Fawkes

Fawkes and Harry in the Chamber of Secrets

Fawkes had to be one of the most loyal and devoted creatures in all of Harry Potter history. Fawkes was a phoenix and, staying true to his nature, Harry witnessed Fawkes going up in flames before being reborn as a younger version of himself. Fawkes showed extreme signs of loyalty to both Harry and Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies.

Without Fawkes, Harry would have died from the venom of the basilisk in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, even flying Harry and his friends to safety afterward. During the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, Fawkes came to Dumbledore’s aid and rescued his life by throwing his own body in front of Dumbledore to absorb the Killing Curse. His loyalty far exceeded that of any ordinary creature in Harry Potter and he became a true friend to Dumbledore, Harry, Ron and Hermione.

1 Nagini

Voldemort's snake, Nagini, opening her mouth to attack in Harry Potter

Many Harry Potter fans saw Nagini in a bad light, as her ties to Lord Voldemort made her dangerous and evil in nature. Nonetheless, it was undeniable that Nagini served loyally under her master and disposed of anyone that stood in the way of Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter. Since the release of the Fantastic Beasts movies, much more was known about Nagini, as she appeared to be a Maledictus cursed into turning into a snake.

Throughout the Harry Potter movies, Nagini stayed loyally at the side of Lord Voldemort and her cruelty became more and more apparent. Like her master, Nagini had no sympathy for anyone except herself and Voldemort, executing his orders without fail. Voldemort even turned her into a Horcrux, showing their connection to one another. Nagini was killed in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 after Neville Longbottom beheaded her with the Sword of Gryffindor.

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