10 Marvel Villains The Avengers Need To Take More Seriously

The Avengers are the Earth’s premiere defenders. The Avengers are known as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for good reason. They’ve defeated the greatest threats and comprise the most powerful and skilled heroes on the planet. Any bad guy who tries to attack the Earth or wants to take power from the duly elected governments has to deal with the Avengers.

The Avengers have faced many of Marvel‘s deadliest villains, teaching them rather painful lessons. However, that doesn’t mean the Avengers go as hard as they can against all their enemies. There have been many times when the Avengers seemed to pull their punches or let their enemies off easy. If the Avengers had given it their all and come down with a firm hand, they could have saved themselves problems in the future.


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10 Red Skull Should Never Be A Problem For The Avengers

Red Skull's clone using the stolen powers of Professor X with the mutated S-Men in the background

Red Skull is a brutal villain, having spent decades battling to create a Fourth Reich. Whether it be on his own or with Hydra behind him, Red Skull is always dangerous. It’s easy to see why he dominates heroes who don’t have powers, but it always feels like a road too far when Red Skull goes up against the Avengers. Sure, Red Skull is intelligent, with access to great weapons and technology, but he’s no match for the team.

Red Skull against Captain America is a believable prospect. However, the Avengers have way too many weapons to use in battle. They also have powerhouses like Thor and the Hulk. Even with Hydra on his side, Red Skull isn’t on the Avengers’ level at all. Not only should Red Skull be easy to defeat, but it shouldn’t be that hard to keep him locked away for good, either.

9 The Avengers Haven’t Even Tried To Bring Their Full Power Against The Orchis Initiative

The Orchis Initiative from X-Men #9 gathered together in Marvel Comics

The Orchis Initiative was the main foe of the mutant nation of Krakoa and eventually succeeded in breaking the island nation’s power. Orchis comprises members from every major spy organization — SHIELD, AIM, SWORD, STRIKE, Hydra, and more — as well as Nathaniel Essex clone Doctor Stasis, evil billionaire Feilong, Nimrod, Omega Sentinel, Moira X, Judas Traveler, and others. While Orchis is only anti-mutant at this point, they’ve found themselves in battle against the Avengers Unity Squad, the team that combines the Avengers and the X-Men.

The fact the main Avengers team hasn’t gotten involved makes it seem like the Avengers don’t recognize Orchis as a viable threat. In fact, looking at the Avengers Unity Squad, there’s only two non-X-Men related members of the team: Captain America and Quicksilver. The Avengers are keeping up their tendency to ignore mutant plight by not going after a threat that will certainly go after them in the future.

8 Loki Has Run Roughshod Over The Avengers For A Long Time


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Loki was the first enemy of the Avengers, their threat bringing together the greatest heroes on the planet. Since then, Loki and the Avengers have fought multiple times, the God of Mischief challenging the team both with their magic and their physical power. However, Loki’s relationship with Thor often influences the Avengers to let Thor deal with the problem in his way.

Loki is dangerous, but stacking their powers and abilities against the Avengers reveals just how deficient their threat to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is. Loki is a tough cookie, but the Avengers not only have Thor, who constantly beats Loki by himself all the time, but the most powerful heroes in the universe as well. Loki shouldn’t be nearly as great a challenge for the Avengers as they seem to be. The fact they can cause so much trouble indicates the Avengers are holding back.

7 Norman Osborn Should Have Been A Cake Walk For The Avengers On His Second Attack

Norman Osborn in front of red-lit silhouettes of his Dark Avengers team in Marvel Comics

Green Goblin is a formidable foe and proved that as head of HAMMER. Norman Osborn was given control of the superhero national security apparatus after the Skrull invasion. Osborn made for an intelligent manipulator, but that wasn’t the only advantage. Osborn and his Dark Avengers continually got lucky, which proved helpful, but it also made his second assault on the Avengers nonsensical.

Norman Osborn taking the Avengers by surprise makes sense, but without the powerful apparatus of HAMMER around him, Osborn shouldn’t have stood a chance battling the Avengers. Combine that with the fact that his new Dark Avengers were weaker and had a mole on their team, there’s no reason that Osborn should have done as well against the Avengers. The Avengers should’ve taken him down easily.

6 The Avengers Respect Doctor Doom’s Diplomatic Immunity For Some Reason

Doctor Doom on the cover of Marvel's Fantastic Four #7.

Doctor Doom is a villainous bigwig whose status as a world leader sets him apart from other villains. Doom stands among the smartest people on Earth and has created technology that few can understand. His armor is ridiculously powerful, and he’s a master of magic. However, even with all of that, Doctor Doom still has weaknesses that the Avengers can exploit, which make battling him easier than Doom himself often realizes.

However, the Avengers respect Doctor Doom’s diplomatic immunity and his standing in the world community. This means that the team often goes easier on him than they should, given all the crimes he’s committed. It can be argued that going after Doom would set a bad precedent for other world leaders and turn them against the Avengers. However, letting Doom off easily has emboldened him and given the Avengers plenty of grief they could’ve avoided.

5 Kang The Conqueror Is Tough But He’s Only Human

Kang the Conqueror has many temporal versions, but they all have some things in common: great weapons and a powerful intellect. He’s traveled back and forth through time, conquering everything in his way. Kang is a master of tactics and weapons and has challenged the Avengers on multiple occasions. Kang’s time travel technology makes him dangerous, but he’s an honorable man, which has held him back.

In fact, Kang’s time travel tech is the only advantage he has against the Avengers. While he has amazing future weapons, the Avengers have been dealing with him for ages now. There’s really not too much that he can throw at the Avengers that they can’t counter. Add in the fact that Kang is just a human, the Avengers should have every advantage over him.

4 Baron Zemo’s Intellect Shouldn’t Make Him A Match For The Avengers

Baron Zemo pulls out his knife in Non-Stop Spider-Man

Baron Zemo has been beaten often, but he’s proven to be a challenge for the Avengers. Zemo’s battles against the Avengers are usually evened up by his compatriots in the Masters of Evil. It’s a good thing that Zemo has the Masters, otherwise the Baron has no hope against the Avengers.

Baron Zemo gets a lot of plaudits because of his tactical skills, but he still shouldn’t hold a candle to the Avengers. Zemo loses to Captain America and Winter Soldier by themselves. Zemo is smart, but he’s outclassed by the Avengers. There’s really no reason why Zemo does as good battling against the Avengers as he does against solo heroes. The only explanation is that the Avengers take it easy on him.

3 Grim Reaper’s Relationship With Wonder Man Has Caused Most Avengers To Go Easy On Him

Grim Reaper makes a comeback in Valkyrie: Jane Foster


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Grim Reaper and Wonder Man are brothers, with Grim Reaper having long manipulated his brother. Wonder Man went to jail because of his brother, and was forced to work with Heinrich Zemo because of Grim Reaper. This arrangement cost Wonder Man his life. Wonder Man later returned to life and Grim Reaper showed up as a villain. Reaper attacked the Avengers, got killed, and was resurrected numerous times.

Grim Reaper’s relationship with Wonder Man has saved him on multiple occasions. Most Avengers don’t want to be the ones to take out Grim Reaper and have usually let Wonder Man deal with his brother. This is pretty lucky for Grim Reaper, since he isn’t very powerful and the Avengers could easily take him out with little effort.

2 Hank Pym Rarely Seemed Serious About Destroying Ultron

Ultron throws aside his Iron Man mask in Marvel Comics

Ultron is a prolific killer and has almost destroyed the Avengers many times. The Avengers and Ultron have had some epic battles, and most wouldn’t say the Avengers take it easy on them. However, things look different when one analyzes Hank Pym. Hank created Ultron, and while the android has definitely evolved beyond his creator, that doesn’t mean that Pym can’t affect his creation. After all, Pym created the basis for Ultron’s systems.

The fact Hank Pym couldn’t create a virus that completely destroyed Ultron, especially with the help of Iron Man and the Avengers’ other resident geniuses, stretches credulity. For whatever reason, the Avengers seem to enjoy fighting Ultron more than they like figuring out a smart way to beat him. The Avengers have used viruses and backdoor codes against Ultron before, but the fact they don’t use them every time feels strange.

1 Scarlet Witch Is An Avenger And They Definitely Let Her Off Easy

Scarlet Witch Attacking The Avengers In Avengers Disassembled

Scarlet Witch has betrayed the Avengers more than once. Her tenuous grasp on her powers and state of mind has been a problem many times over for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Scarlet Witch’s high power levels, combined with a certain mental malleability, have led her to attack the Avengers several times. Scarlet Witch handed the Avengers one of their worst losses, killing multiple members of the team in one fell swoop.

Scarlet Witch is an Avenger and a friend of everyone on the team. It makes sense they would take it easy on her, but it’s also hurt them many times. Scarlet Witch’s attacks on the Avengers always catch the team by surprise, but there’s no reason for that. The Avengers should always be watching Wanda just in case, ready for her to betray them again.

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