10 Iconic Fictional Companies in Movies and TV

Audiences have an interesting relationship with business. In the real world, the hassles of work make many avoid anything company-based on their time off, and the ever-growing presence of ads makes the sight of any logo detestable.

Entertainment has softened that opinion though, thanks to a host of memorable and iconic fictional companies. While some are evil corporations or faceless entities, many fictional businesses inspire laughs or warm feelings. They’ve even proved inspiring at times thanks to positive portrayals of female leaders.

Besides having logos that we instantly recognize, fictional companies in movies and TV don’t hold to one trait. Some are admittedly sinister in their motives, others mean well but are arguably misguided. No matter what they bring to the world, there’s a good chance that viewers will spot at least one problematic flaw. It’s these imperfections that make each worth watching — whether rooting for its success or pulling for its failure.

ACME Corporation

Wile E Coyote is pulled back in a slingshot. Two boxes are at his feet labled Came and practice bombs.
Warner Bros.

The world of animation owes a debt of gratitude to the ACME Corporation. This fictional business provides all the gadgets and whimsical creations found in the Looney Tunes universe. In the process, it also became a go-to name for generic items featured in other projects.

The company’s creations range from stove lids to dehydrated boulders — but most of the products shown were explosives of some kind, or at least ended up exploding with use. Whether its products works at all is up for debate. Case in point: Wile E. Coyote has incurred far too many failures while using ACME-brand products.

The Company’s Founder Was Murdered

Who Framed Roger Rabbit provided the answer to who created this extensive corporation. Marvin Acme founded the company and was leading it when he was murdered. The mystery would be resolved in the film, but not before Toontown was thrown into chaos.

Wayne Enterprises

Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox are standing at a table. Lucius is pointing at something on the table.
Warner Bros. Pictures

Most superheroes need a day job, and Bruce Wayne found his at Wayne Enterprises. The billionaire inherited the company after the death of his parents. While he is often seen there in various meetings or other capacities, it’s often a place for Wayne to find new tech as well as other developments that help his alter-ego, Batman.

Wayne Enterprises Also Funds a Charitable Foundation

The Wayne Foundation is a charitable branch of Wayne Enterprises. This special organization works with causes that are close to Bruce Wayne, and assists people throughout the world. Comics, episodes, and films have all featured references to the philanthropic venture.

Waystar Royco

Kieran Culkin in Succession.

Succession‘s preeminent company became a character in its own right during the series’ run. The acclaimed HBO drama saw the Roy children fighting to see who would take over for their father, Logan. Waystar Royco would undergo a myriad of difficulties as this global juggernaut fought to remain relevant. Each episode proved to be an uncomfortable TV masterclass that viewers just couldn’t look away from.

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The Company Ended Up With a Surprising Figure

The Roy siblings thought that they had it all, but their father had other plans. Logan helped set into motion a plan for Waystar Royco that surprised everyone who watched the show. It was a devastating ending to a dramatic series, which has been described as a modern retelling of the Olympian gods.

Dunder Mifflin

Steve Carell as Michael Scott in The Office

A company that sells office supplies and paper doesn’t seem memorable, but Dunder Mifflin is the exception. Featured on NBC’s The Office, this company proved that seemingly boring office politics could actually be hilarious. Steve Carell’s Michael Scott became a sensation with fans and has created more than a few social media memes.

Fans Can Buy Dunder Mifflin Merchandise

Brand loyalty takes on new meaning when it comes to Dunder Mifflin merchandise. Fans can buy everything from t-shirts to branded paper. It’s even more impressive considering the series constantly addresses their failing business as larger companies win over their buyers.


Duff Man is wearing a red duff cap and a red cape. His leotard is blue with a duff logo and beer cans make up his belt.

The most well-known beer company just might be the fictional Duff brand. The Simpsons go-to brew has been both in the background of some episodes, and a central figure in others. Homer might be the most loyal customer, but no one epitomizes the brand quite like its mascot, Duff Man.

There’s Only Two Places to Get Duff Beer

Springfield may have all the Duff they want, but it’s not so easy to find the brand in real life. Universal Studios’s locations in Orlando and Hollywood offer curious fans a chance to try the famous beer. The Hollywood location, named the Duff Brewery Beer Garden, even gives customers a choice of three special brews.

Nakatomi Corporation

A man with dark hair and a white shirt is talking to someone off camera.
20th Century Fox

Sometimes a major event can turn an otherwise inconsequential detail into a memorable name. The Nakatomi Corporation fits that narrative quite well, becoming something that people around the world recognize.

This fictional company is home to Nakatomi Plaza, the central location of Die Hard. While the full extent of the company’s reach isn’t explored during the film, it’s a good bet that its global imprint in the real world was bolstered by John McClane’s heroism.

The Real Building Goes by a Different Name

Nakatomi may not exist, but its plaza is a very real place with a different name. Those in search of the building will be happy to learn it is very much in use.

Built in the mid-’80s, Fox Plaza stands as one of Los Angeles’s best-known spots, and is a natural tourist magnet. People from around the world just want a glimpse of what helped make Die Hard one of the best ’80s action movies, and this more than meets expectations.

Vought International

Homelander in The Boys season four holds his arms wide with confetti falling around him
Prime Video

The superhero genre has been dominating film and TV for most of the new millennium. Among them all is The Boys, a show that takes on the dominance of Marvel and DC, while being a biting commentary on the darker side of humans with super powers.

The Boys comics and streaming series is a satirical exploration of our fascination with these powerful beings. In it, the evil corporation Vought International holds dark and disturbing secrets, employing superheroes more as celebrities than practical heroes who help others. Their tight control over super-powered individuals, and a drug that gives or bolsters powers, is a central part of the narrative of the show.

Vought Has Gained a Social Media Following

The lines between reality and fiction blur when it comes to Vought’s reach. The company has “official” accounts on both Twitter and Instagram. In both cases, the site is run as if the company is real, though it is a good bet that someone at Amazon is behind an effective PR campaign. Vought’s YouTube channel also features special videos and segments made just for the platform.

Umbrella Corporation

A dark gray shield features several cryptic images and a multicolored umbrella in the center. It is shades of black and gray.

Gamers and filmgoers alike will probably recognize the Umbrella Corporation. The famous company’s pursuits led to questionable experiments in the world of Resident Evil. These major developments in biological weapons would lead to global destruction. Look no further than Racoon City to see how they have killed, maimed, and destroyed many with their diabolical creations.

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Umbrella Developed More Than the T-Virus

Umbrella worked on many projects, but the T-Virus might be their most well-known. Another invention that gained a place in Resident Evil history is Red Queen. The creation is one of the few characters that can boast appearing in both the games and the films.

Mega Lo Mart

Hank Hill is looking at a standee featuring a Mega Lo Mart spokesman.

Mega Lo Mart represents a retail location that most shoppers relate to. King of the Hill‘s shopping option can be found in some of the most memorable episodes. Hank even works at the store during a two-episode special event. Of course, his time there ended abruptly thanks to a propane explosion.

Mega Lo Mart Relies on a Surprising Spokesperson

One of the series’ most surprising running jokes is that Mega Lo Mart avoids the usual mascots or spokespeople. Instead, they use jazz musician Chuck Mangione as the face of most advertisements. Viewers can spot him in everything from commercials to standees. He even performs in person on occasion.

Planet Express

The green planet express ship is parked in front of a building with a bright green Fulu logo.

Philip J. Fry didn’t want to be a deliveryman, yet that’s exactly what he turned out to be. His journey led him to Planet Express and his many-great grand-nephew, Professor Hubert Farnsworth. Futurama‘s leading business promises to deliver just about anything, but it often encounters a host of problems along the way.

It’s also been more than a delivery company, trying out other ventures to stay afloat. One episode saw the company converting to an airline. Naturally, their first flight ends in failure and a gender-bending swap that pays off in a hilarious final calendar photoshoot.

Planet Express Has Survived Every Incarnation of Futurama

Futurama has undergone what few shows can claim: a rebirth not once, but twice. After being canceled by Fox, the series would find its way to Comedy Central. It then took over a decade from its run at the second home before Hulu would debut new episodes.

Despite that, Planet Express remained the primary business and pseudo-home for the crew. There is little change between the various seasons, though the company goes through many ups and downs.

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