10 Games Like Disney Dreamlight Valley For Cozy Fans

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a cozy game where you can interact with your favorite Disney characters. Set with a multiplayer and comfy fanbase in mind, Dreamlight Valley has everything you need in a game built to relax. If you’ve played Disney Dreamlight Valley and are looking for a similar experience, we have a list of relaxing games that can help scratch that cartoonish itch. Below are a few games you can use to unwind, so sit back and enjoy the colors and whimsy.

10. Animal Crossing

Image by Nintendo

A comfy list without Animal Crossing involved is like a horse without hooves. Animal Crossing is one of the giants of the comfy world, being a mainstay since its days on the GameCube. Any Animal Crossing game you can get your hands on will do. Animal Crossing is all about enjoying the town you find yourself in, getting your house presented just the way you want, and interacting with the colorful cast of characters that surround you. Any Animal Crossing game is good, but if you need one in the more modern day, we recommend New Horizons for the Switch.

9. Palia

Image by Singularity 6

Palia is a relatively new MMO comfy game experience presented by the company Singularity 6. Set in a world where humans are the rarer species, emerge from the Flow as a human who’s come to enjoy this new world for some unknown purpose. While you figure out what the plot is, you can grow crops, go fishing, find love, and explore the wildlife around you. The game is in beta, so remember this when you first start playing. But hey, it’s free! And free is a great price.

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8. Fae Farm

Image by Phoenix Labs

Fae Farm is a cartoony farming comfy game that is reminiscent of the My Sims series. Following the comfy game formula pretty closely, in Fae Farm, you can grow magical crops, decorate your living space, and go deep down in the mines. Fae Farm boasts a robust world, numerous crops, and many things to do. If you decide to bite into this one, you won’t be bored for a while as you’re mesmerized by its adorable world and charming and satisfying gameplay and style.

7. Minecraft

Image by Mojang

If you like the aspect of multiplayer in Dreamlight Valley, try Minecraft if you haven’t already. Even the base game is robust with content, with plenty of opportunity to farm, build, mine, and adventure through an endless world, whether alone or with a few people. The game is available on virtually every device, so accessibility is no problem. Out of all the comfortable games you could get, Minecraft is one of the most reliable and can be easily improved with mods created by a gigantic community.

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6. Paleo Pines

Image by Italic Pig

Paleo Pines is a big game in both heart and the creatures that you tame throughout. If you don’t know your dinosaurs, this game is a great way to learn some hard-to-pronounce names. Unlike other comfy games out there, this one features a ton of dinos, ones that help you create your new quiet life out near Pebble Plaza. They are literally your tools for everything, whether it be getting around, planting crops, or ridding the land of debris.

5. Slime Rancher

Image by Monomi Park

Slime Rancher is a cute, bubbly, and overall wiggly adventure featuring Slimes, you, and a handy suction gun. In this game, you can collect all sorts of wiggly and giggly slimes that come in many shapes and colors. Some explode, others have spikes, and some just sit there and be cute and pink. Collect slimes to create your own pile of joy or a few special ones on your ranch. You can expand the ranch and decorate it to your heart’s content as you go in this cute little game on the Far Far Range.

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4. My Time At Portia

Image by Pathea

My Time At Portia is another classic example of a game where your character sets off to start a new life in a new town. In this case, that place is Portia. You can wander around, talk to the townsfolk, build up your house, and construct whatever gadgets make home more homely. Complete with a great soundtrack, some colors that ease on the eyes, and a relaxing play requirement, My Time At Portia is a setup for success.

3. The Sims 4

Image by The Sims Studio

The Sims 4 is a gateway to a deep dive of gameplay if you’ve never touched a Sims title. This dollhouse-like simulator covers the lives of characters you make from scratch. In the Sims, you can have them do anything. From becoming great on the star track of their career to finding love, improving their house, or even starting a family, the Sims 4 is a great game, even without any DLC. But should you want some, that too is an area that’s just waiting to be explored.

2. Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

Image by Marvelous

Story of Seasons is the spiritual continuation of a series you may already know and love: Harvest Moon. These games understand how to do comfy right, being one of the greater pioneers of the idea in the first place. Take on your own farm and plant crops, raise animals, romance townsfolk, and live life how you want to in this cute chibi farming simulator. You can also go mining, gain friendship with other villagers, and raise a family of your own.

1. Slime Rancher 2

Image by Monomi Park

The sequel to the first Slime Rancher game, Slime Rancher 2, is bigger and better. It adds more slimes to the mix, so you have even more wobbly friends to gather on your new, improved ranch in space. With quality-of-life fixes that make the second version almost irreplaceable, Slime Rancher 2 is the necessary step up that the game had to take. This game is a full step up, more beautiful to look at than the previous installment, with even more customization options than before to get your ranch looking just the way you want it.

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