10 Drama Like Under The Queen’s Umbrella

The dramatic conclusion to the engrossing Korean drama “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” Millions of people’s weekends were made memorable by the captivating drama, which starred Kim HyeSoo as the exquisite yet powerful Queen HwaRyeong.

The exquisite Queen HwaRyeong was the central character in “Under The Queen’s Umbrella,” which took a unique approach to the clichéd “fight for the crown” plot.

The series was able to emphasize the princes’ distinctive personality qualities, regardless of whether they were primary or supporting characters, together with the independent-minded queen.

The actors and the interesting storylines made “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” worth watching from beginning to end.

Here in this listicle, I will share ten dramas like The Queen’s Umbrella. Both ardent Korean period drama lovers and others who are unfamiliar with them will like this list!

1. My Sassy Girl

My Sassy Girl, a pre-produced historical kdrama set in the Joseon Dynasty, has 16 episodes and is about a loud, rebellious princess who gets through the skin of a minister’s son who tutors the heir to the throne who will succeed his father.

But she has something to cover up. She is convinced that her mother, who left the palace years ago, was not murdered in an ambush. They are drawn together by her quest for the truth. Their tumultuous interaction develops into love.

My Sassy Girl
My Sassy Girl (Credits: Cinema Service)

He ends up being her main ally while she searches for the genuine tale. However, evil forces do not want them to know the truth about what happened. Will the schemes of the bad powers succeed in destroying their developing relationship?

Once Princess Hye came to him for assistance, his support for her was strong. Even when he was threatened, and the people he loved were threatened, Kyun Woo’s high moral values prevented him from being corrupted by the Evil Minister Jung.

The action by Kyun Woo to free the Princess from a political marriage was a success. Smart, moral, and unafraid to express his love for the Princess, Kyun Woo was. Joo Won took advantage of his height, especially while donning tall hats. He is commanding. He has a soft side. He has strength.

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2. Who Rules The World

The seven states that make up the Dong Dynasty are under the control of a seal. It is governed by a succession of weak and incompetent emperors in its later years. As a result, there is a great deal of unhappiness among the states, and each is trying to increase its own power.

The seal is also missing, which has led to anarchy and instability within the dynasty. This is somewhat reminiscent of the period before the Qin dynasty united ancient China, remembered as the Era of Warring States.

Who Rules The World
Who Rules The World (Credits: Hengdian World Studios)

They’ve known one another for ten years. They have fought, mocked, and made fun of each other nonstop. They occasionally lend a hand and support to one another as well, although it’s not apparent whether they have a love relationship.

Even though they may not be as intimate, friends hardly ever taunt or jeer at one another. However, their relationship has always been shaky, and their friendship has never developed any further than that. She calls him the “black fox” because she knows he is more crafty and ferocious than he seems.

He is confident, strong, and considered to have the “arrogance of a King,” in addition to having unmatched martial arts talent. He likes BFX and twice tried to be married to her but was turned down since he could not guarantee he would only love one woman.

He also desires to wed HCR in order to turn Hua’s state into his ally in his quest to realize his desire to rule the world.

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3. My Only Love Song

Kong Seung Yeon plays Song Soo Jung, the female lead in this drama. One of Korea’s biggest stars is Song Soo Jung. She enjoys enormous popularity and is presently filming a historical drama (I know, confusing). She could initially come across as demanding, brash, and arrogant, but trust me; you’ll come to like her.

She dislikes following commands from others and has a strong feeling of individuality. I adored Song Soo Jung because she added a lot of humor and lightness to the occasionally harsh drama. The male lead in this drama, On Dal, is portrayed by Lee Jong Hyun.

My Only Love Song
My Only Love Song (Credits: FNC Add Culture)

In the Goryeo period of Korean history, On Dal is a person. He is a man of charm, cunning, and sneakiness. We discover so much about On Dal during the drama, which aids in our understanding of his stance in life. He developed into a devoted, passionate, and loving lover from an insensitive, cheap man.

He adds a lot to this drama, and she is such a noble figure! A second female character in the movie is played by Kim Yeon Soo, who portrays Princess Pyunggang.  She is a feisty girl and the granddaughter of the emperor in this historical portion of the play.

She firmly believes in real love and consistently defies her father’s attempts to control her. Princess Pyunggang, in my opinion, played a crucial part in this drama.

She was ecstatic and excited about the crew’s travels! She is really interested in everything that you do, but she also takes precautions and doesn’t do things carelessly, which is why I adore her so much.

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4. The Crowned Clown

King Yi Heon is a cruel ruler who even murdered his own younger brother to take the throne. He disrespects everything with him and sees adversaries everywhere because of his drug addiction.

The monarch has to escape reality because he is driven insane by his infatuation and dread of being assassinated. Ha Sun, the clown, is therefore told to take his position.

Because of his uncanny resemblance to the monarch, Ha Sun, a mediocre actor, plays in many towns with his troupe. He must now portray him in real life. Ha Sun, however, is not at all like Yi Heon.

He is nice, intelligent, and compassionate. He quickly develops feelings for the stunning Queen, who continues to believe that Ha Sun is her partner in crime, Yi Heon.

The Crowned Clown
The Crowned Clown (Credits: GTist)

The narrative has a straightforward tone. Nevertheless, it added so many twists, one after the other. That was because the characters were so well portrayed. The love story was a lovely complement to the drama and rather pleasant as well.

Aside from that, the narrative had political twists, strong sibling ties, sporadic moments of humor, tragedy, combat sequences, and a great deal of drama.

However, the drama grew a little monotonous near the conclusion. The conclusion was also fantastic, although the surprise element at the end was overused and didn’t really do much.

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5. 100 Days My Prince

Young Lee Yul met a girl who saved his life, and he made a pledge to marry her. However, just a couple of nights later, his father defeated the king and assassinated the girl’s father while attempting to assassinate her and her brother with the aid of Jae Yoon, a strong court official. Lee Yul was subsequently named the Crown Prince.

Political pressure led to the political murder of his mother, and he was compelled to wed Jae Yoon’s daughter. As a result, he became chilly and expected everyone to be flawless. One day, under pressure from the royal authorities, he declared that all women under the age of 28 had to get married.

100 Days My Prince
100 Days My Prince (Credits: AStory)

Lee Yul is then attacked while traveling in an effort to murder him. He manages to flee, but not before being severely hurt and waking up with amnesia days later. He is told by the guy who healed him that he is his daughter’s fiancé and that he needs to be married right away.

Hong Shim that daughter is a tough lady who has never wanted to be married. She is, however, obliged to marry or endure torture as a result of the law and the Crown Prince imposed. In spite of Hong Shim’s knowledge that Lee Yul is not the individual she is meant to marry and his lack of memory, Hong Shim feels compelled to lie to him.

The marriage quickly turns out to be more of a tragedy for her than a blessing, though. Lee Yul is a disturbance who is unable to support himself or find employment. He just causes problems, primarily financial ones, and leaves Hong Shim to clean up his mess.

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6. Love in the Moonlight

One word sums up this drama: Lovely. Due to my recent availability to watch this drama, I am aware that I am somewhat behind the trend. I regret not seeing this drama before attending the Bogum fan meetup since I continue to watch it.

The love narrative, the bonds of affection, the family, and the countryside are all lovely in this drama, with the exception of the gritty political issues that are unavoidably incorporated in every Korean historical drama. If you previously read about the historical Crown Prince Lee Young before viewing this drama.

Love in the Moonlight
Love in the Moonlight (Credits: KBS Media Love in the Moonlight SPC)

It’s tragic that he went away at such a young age. I had anticipated that they would incorporate it in the current story and give it a depressing conclusion à la Scarlet Heart, but thankfully the writer recognized the sentiment in fans’ hearts and provided the happy conclusion they all desired.

This drama dramatically raised awareness of Park Bogum and Kim Yoo Jung. The most likable actor in South Korea right now is Park Bogum. I thought Kim Yoo Jung could act, but this is just too amazing. She is so fully engaged in her role that I really forget her age. Because of Jinyoung, I am also watching this drama. Since B1A4 is one of my favorite bands, I have to be careful not to seem biased.

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7. Queen: Love And War

Eun Bo has been looking for the shaman woman ever since she got lost as a little child. She is tenacious and merely seeks to live. After the king and his newlywed are ambushed and slain shortly after their wedding, she is asked to take care of the king’s body. But contrary to popular belief, the monarch is still alive.

Eun Bo also discovers the deceased princess really was her identical twin sister. Therefore, Eun Bo just wants to get revenge in addition to seeing her father put to death and incarcerated in prison. She then makes a fresh choice for the future queen.

Queen Love And War
Queen Love And War (Credits: Higround Studio)

She now needs to fight not only the other females to get to the final round but also her own affections for the king, who believes that she is his deceased queen returning to him. The females were merciless, turning friends into foes and others weighing being true to themselves and having fun.

The main heroine had to navigate between politics, competitors, and individuals who wanted to exploit her for their own advantage, as well as her own uncertainties about the monarch and her own heart.  It was genuinely a novel notion. The relationship was also rather enjoyable.

It was very fantastic that they included a lot of kissing sequences and moments of romance that historical dramas often don’t have. The plot was becoming a little strange after the incorporation of the fantasy aspect, but the surprises were interesting as well and varied things up.

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8. Moon Embracing The Sun

An heir to the king is killed, and a palace shaman sees the crime. The young shaman gets rescued and given refuge by a pregnant noblewoman as she flees from those responsible while fighting for her life. Sadly, the shaman is killed by torture after being kidnapped by the conspirators, but not before making a promise to protect the destiny of the noblewoman’s unborn child.

Heo Yeon Woo, the female child, develops into a lovely young woman who draws the cheeky Crown Prince’s attention. Although a royal wedding and coronation are celebrated in which the two young loves appear destined to spend their lives together, Heo Yeon Woo soon falls ill and dies, leaving the newly crowned King a shattered young man.

Moon Embracing The Sun
Moon Embracing The Sun (Credits: Pan Entertainment)

The kid actors in the early episodes, who portray adolescent equivalents of the later episodes’ leads, provide the greatest acting in the series. The young performers bring some beautifully genuine emotions to the roles—love, joy, and humor—that tug at the sympathies and make you miss them whenever they are gone.

This is not to imply that 1future iterations of identical protagonists are not adequately depicted. There is a lot of the iconic “K-drama bromance” in this TV show.

The King’s relationships with his rival, the unlawful Prince Yung Myung (Jung Il Woo), his unspoken ninja-like right-hand gentleman Woon, his elderly, severely mistreated male nanny, and at last, the King and the brilliant, strikingly attractive my brother of Heo Yeon Woo are all noteworthy.

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9. The King’s Affection

The King’s Affection has an engaging plot that makes it stand out from other Sageuk that have been shown this year. It was for me, at least, because I’m a big fan of monarchs and gender-bending television shows. And it truly caught my attention when a member of royalty was made to pose as a guy.

But despite the fact that the first two episodes of the show (which lasted a combined two hours!) were devoted to building up the world, I didn’t mind and continued to look forward to the upcoming episodes. The series’ opening act undoubtedly increased that enthusiasm, which is a good thing.

The King's Affection
The King’s Affection (Credits: Story Hunter Production Monster Union)

The subsequent episodes after its launch week quickly go into how the sad events of the primary personalities, Jung Ji-un (Rowoon) and Dam-I (Park Eun-bin), influenced how they are now selves. Dam-I, who was previously brilliant, became into the icy Crown Prince Lee Hwi, while Ji-un spent every moment of his years as far away from Hanyang as he could.

I also noted that it took me some time to get used to watching Park Eun-bin portray Lee Hwi. The main reason was that I found her to be fairly lovely, but she also convinced me because of the way she performed in the mid-run episodes, especially during the action sequences and the times when Lee Hwi had to face his foes.

And as the movie series came to an end, I found it difficult to imagine anybody else playing Lee Hwi’s role. I even remember emailing my friends to say that recent events involving Park Eun-bin in Yeonmo had been making my heartbeat.

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10. The Red Sleeve

Based on the same-titled novel, or more precisely, “The Red Cuff of the Sleeve,” it relates the plot of the relationship of King Jeongjo of Joseon, also referred to Known by his initials Yi San (Lee Joon-ho), he makes an effort to insights into the minds of historical figures through the actions and memoirs of the royal maid Seong Deok-Im (Lee Se-young), who is also his lone surviving love in life.

They show his focused monarch of a country and her as a queen. Having experienced strained relations, San was raised under a deal of pressure to live up as the Grandeur Sovereign to the kingdom of Joseon’s kingdom.

His intense interest in a royal maid drew everyone’s attention as he is known to have no other hobbies outside of work and Chinese literary works and classics.

The Red Sleeve
The Red Sleeve (Credits: Npio Entertainment.)

Deok-Kim, on the other hand, had a rather easygoing life as a palace maid, and it has always been her dream to continue doing so. This is the rationale given within both the novel and the play for Deok-im’s continuous dismissal of San’s revelation to her.

Since consenting would lock her away in the path of the gates of the palace for all eternity, Queen Dowager (Jang Hee-jin) repeatedly maintained. This is especially true in my brother’s exile and eventual death, whereby she was unable to afford to go to his burial.

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