10 Best ‘Virgin River’ Characters, Ranked by Likability

Virgin River is not the typical romance-filled drama. This seemingly mellow show boasts two sides, with heaps of crime as one and slice-of-life problems as the other. The intriguing storyline and multi-layered characters have garnered the attention of Netflix subscribers since its release in 2019.

As new seasons develop, viewers will find themselves rooting for instant favorites like complex protagonist Mel and her romantic interest, bar owner Martin. However, many other characters steal the spotlight, with many major supporting players becoming fan favorites and cementing Virgin River as one of Netflix’s unsung series.

10 Charmaine Roberts

Charmaine Roberts confronting Jack Sheridan in Virgin River.
Image via Netflix

Annoying is the word that comes to mind when describing Charmaine’s character in Virgin River. Being Jack’s ex-lover, she is portrayed as a stubborn and manipulative figure, never moving on from her past relationship. Her personality is full of open facades, easily deceiving others in the show and the audience.

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Her continuous tactics to ruin Jack and Mel’s relationship are among the show’s most constant aspects. Even during her pregnancy, she acted hostile towards Mel and those giving support, blurting out insults and throwing tantrums. Charmaine is a great antagonist but not one of Virgin River‘s most likable characters.

9 Dan Brady

Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady in Virgin River

From his partnering with Calvin to being an ex-marine, Brady is somewhat of a rough man. Benjamin Hollingsworth‘s character in Virgin River is unmotivated, rarely wanting to do anything that requires putting himself out there. Thus, he connects with drug lords and associates himself with malicious people.

Brady has had a slight turn in his moral compass throughout the show. Like many TV characters who undergo drastic changes, Dan vows to become a better man after meeting Brie. His initial shadiness is still there, but he is thankfully changing for the better.

8 Hope McCrea

Annette O’Toole as Hope, Tim Matheson as Doc Mullins in Virgin River Season 5
Image via Netflix

Hope is a pillar in the small town of Virgin River, but her radiant outside doesn’t match her grudge-holding personality. She poses as someone who takes care of others but usually has a selfish reason behind it. When viewers understood the truth behind her intentions, likability quickly diminished.

Despite her egotistical nature, Hope isn’t the most malicious character. Still, she loves to butt into other’s problems, creating difficulties for Jack and Mel. The wonderful Annette O’Toole creates a complicated figure with Hope, and while she isn’t very likable, she is certainly interesting.

7 Brie Sheridan

Zibby Allen as Brie, Colin Lawrence as Preacher in Virgin River Season 5
Image via Netflix

Jack’s lawyer sister, Brie, came to Virgin River in Season 3 to nurse him from a gunshot wound. Played by Zibby Allen, Brie Sheridan is a suspicious character harboring a profound secret. However, she isn’t exactly disliked, especially because she seems to be going through an existential crisis, finding solace in Dan Brady.

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From the outside, Brie seems untrustworthy, capable of destroying those close to her, especially her lover, Dan. However, she soon becomes a compelling and nuanced character through her interactions with Dan and other characters. She might not be as likable as other Virgin River residents, but she is a welcome addition to the cast.

6 Lizzie

Sarah Dugdale in Virgin River

Being too much to handle for her parents, Lizzie was sent to Virgin River. She is a troublemaker, embodying youth counter-culture. Lizzie boasts two sides, one being the rebellious teenager denouncing Connie’s concerns and the other being a lovable room brightener.

She starts a romance with Ricky, but after continuous problems, the two separate. Overall, Lizzie has good intentions and morality at heart as her friendship with Doc blossoms. The young woman may get on some nerves, but her coming-of-age story is one viewers are keeping an eye on.

5 Doc Mullins

Doc Mullins at work in Virgin River
Image via Netflix

It is safe to say that Virgin River would not be the same without Doc. He is a comforting character, a doctor the town greatly relies on. Virgin River is among the shows with the best romantic storylines, and Doc’s relationship with Hope proves it. Still, Doc’s confidence turns into arrogance when he does not see his wrongs.

Mel’s arrival in the small town greatly affects Doc’s personality. He opens up as she advises him in the work field and out. His character and relationship with Hope is a roller-coaster, but nevertheless, a genuine bond forms between the two. Doc is one of the most relatable characters on Virgin River, boosting his likability.

4 Muriel

Image via Netflix

Despite being a sophisticated actress, Muriel isn’t arrogant or entitled. In Season 3, Muriel and Hope compete for Doc’s affection, but instead of putting on a fake persona to win his heart, she stays true to her caring personality and always seems to act true to how she feels.

Muriel’s respect for others is spotlighted during Hope’s leave and return. Despite the battle for Doc, she never tries to gain the upper hand and ultimately welcomes Hope back with open arms. Because of her authentically caring personality, audiences consider Muriel one of Virgin River‘s most likable characters.

3 Jack Sheridan

Jack Sheridan smiling at his bar in Virgin River.
Image via Netflix

Ex-marine and bar owner Jack Sheridan is Virgin River’s heroic figure. He isn’t afraid to stand his ground and put others before him, as shown in his battle against the gangs nearby. Jack is a reliable figure for almost everybody in the small town, respecting everyone, even if they do not deserve it.

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His character started rough, especially when he broke up with Charmaine when she was pregnant. As the seasons progressed, he became Mel’s lover, and his rougher edges softened, ensuring his place as one of Virgin River‘s most likable figures. Jack’s caring personality and distinctive relationship with others make him someone viewers can easily root for.

2 Mel Monroe

Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe in Virgin River Season 5
Image via Netflix

Mel Monroe, played by Alexandra Breckenridge, is among the most unique TV protagonists. She tragically lost her husband and baby but still keeps smiling, moving to Virgin River hoping to start anew. There, Mel works beside Doc, assisting him and never acting brash, even when she deserves to.

Her story in Virgin River progresses as she begins a romantic flurry with Jack. Her subtle care for everybody quickly makes her a pillar in the small community. Mel’s dealings with grief are among the show’s strongest aspects, and her journey toward love makes her compelling, sympathetic, and likable.

1 John “Preacher” Middleton

Preacher Middleton barbecuing in Virgin River.
Image via Netflix

There is not a single thing to dislike about Preacher Middleton. He continuously works hard alongside Jack during his job at the bar but goes above and beyond to care for others. Despite his introverted attitude, he isn’t afraid to leave his comfort zone, especially when others’ well-being is involved.

Preacher’s most memorable ‘Good Samaritan’ moment comes when he cares for Paige’s son, Christopher. He acts as a father figure, giving Christopher the support he needs and becoming more open with others in the process. Preacher’s dedicated and warmhearted personality makes him an instant hit among fans.

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