10 Best Movies Like No Hard Feelings


  • No Hard Feelings
    is a romantic comedy that pays tribute to ’90s and 2000s rom-coms, evoking a nostalgic charm and infusing deep emotional connections into the evolving relationship of Maddie and Percy.

  • American Pie
    I Love You, Beth Cooper
    , and
    Big Daddy
    are movies that share similar elements with
    No Hard Feelings
    , including raunchy humor, faking relationships, and characters helping each other grow.

  • Just Go With It
    She’s All That
    The 40-Year-Old Virgin
    The Girl Next Door
    Can’t Buy Me Love
    , and
    Failure To Launch
    are other films that capture the essence of
    No Hard Feelings
    and are worth watching for fans of the genre.

The 2023 romantic comedy, No Hard Feelings, is a laugher-packed delight that leaves audiences wondering which other films might capture a similar tone. The story revolves around Maddie Barker, who faces the loss of her mother’s home. She is hired by Percy Becker’s overprotective parents, who are offering a Buick Regal, to date their introverted 19-year-old son, Percy. Before No Hard Feelings‘ ending, the Beckers hope that Maddie will help Percy break out of his shell before he heads off to college.

Starring Oscar Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence as Maddie and Broadway star Andrew Barth Feldman as Percy, No Hard Feelings‘ cast and characters exude nostalgic charm in a lost genre of raunchy rom-coms. It pays tribute to the romantic comedies of the ’90s and 2000s while infusing a deep emotional connection into Maddie and Percy’s evolving relationship. As the credits roll, the desire grows to find similar movies that might elicit the same comedic elements and heartwarming emotions as No Hard Feelings.

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10 American Pie

For viewers who love the raunchy comedy in No Hard Feelings, the most obvious next stop is American Pie. The 1999 film American Pie is a coming-of-age teen sex comedy that follows five classmates at East Great Falls High School, who make a pact to lose their virginity before graduation. The film, while over the top at times, is relatable in regard to the struggles of being a teenager, with different social groups, embarrassing parents, and the pressure of sex. There are also eight other movies in the American Pie franchise, including three in the original film series, providing plenty of content for lovers of No Hard Feelings.

9 I Love You, Beth Cooper

Denis with condoms and Beth on the phone in I Love You, Beth Cooper.

I Love You, Beth Cooper is the 2009 teen romantic comedy following nerdy Denis Cooverman, who confesses his love for his long-time crush and head cheerleader Beth Cooper, during his valedictorian speech. As the two grow closer, they start to learn and grow from each other, developing a genuine connection. This mirrors the way Maddie and Percy’s relationship blossoms. I Love You, Beth Cooper is a delightful romantic comedy, with a satisfying and heartwarming ending, perfect for lovers of No Hard Feelings.

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8 Big Daddy

Sonny and Julian at the lake in Big Daddy.

Big Daddy is the 1999 comedy starring Adam Sandler as slacker law school graduate Sonny Koufax. Sonny’s girlfriend Vanessa threatens to break up with him unless he becomes more responsible. A turn of fate finds five-year-old Julian McGrath (Dylan and Cole Sprouse) left at Sonny’s doorstep, prompting him to become the child’s guardian in order to impress his girlfriend. This film carries the same elements of faking a relationship, only to have the two characters help the other grow for the better, which is the heart of No Hard Feelings.

7 Just Go With It

Danny and Katherine sitting at a table drinking wine in Just Go With It.

Another Sandler comedy that centers on faking relationships is the 2011 comedy Just Go With It. In this film, successful plastic surgeon Danny Maccabee fakes a family life with an “ex-wife,” Katherine Murphy, and “kids,” Maggie Murphy and Michael Murphy, in order to impress the young and attractive Palmer Dodge. Throughout the film, Danny learns about what is important in life, along with the importance of honesty, which brings him to a happy ending. This is similar to how Maddie learns that life is better when she is a more open and honest person, making Just Go With It a great movie to follow No Hard Feelings.

6 She’s All That

Zach and Laney by the rocks at the beach in She's All That.

She’s All That is the classic 1999 teen romantic comedy that follows Zack Siler, who discovers his girlfriend is cheating on him during spring break. To make himself feel better, Zack claims that his popular ex is replaceable by any girl in the school, prompting a bet with his friend to turn a random girl into the next prom queen. Zack must make the awkward and unpopular Laney Boggs into the most popular girl in school in six weeks. The film has similar elements to No Hard Feelings, with the enhancement of the “nerdy” person’s wardrobe and persona, while the “cool” character learns to be more vulnerable.

5 The 40-Year-Old Virgin

The 2005 comedy film The 40-Year-Old Virgin stars Steve Carell as Andy Stitzer, the titular 40-Year-Old Virgin, along with Paul Rudd (David), Romany Malco (Jay), and Seth Rogen (Cal). This film carries the same raunchy humor as No Hard Feelings, as Andy’s co-workers aim to help him lose his virginity. The characters of Andy and Percy are similar, except for the age difference, as both are more sensitive men who are unable to open up to form a relationship. This is the perfect comedy to watch after No Hard Feelings, as both main characters grow in similar ways.

4 The Girl Next Door

Matthew and Danielle look around awkwardly in The Girl Next Door.

The Girl Next Door is the 2004 romantic comedy where 18-year-old Matthew Kidman’s sheltered life is turned upside down when ex-porn star Danielle moves in next door. This film has the same raunchy humor as No Hard Feelings, as much of the plot deals with the adult film industry. Danielle resembles Maddie, as she is misunderstood, spontaneous, and isn’t modest. Matthew shares Percy’s ambitious nature, which led him to have a more sheltered life. For viewers who love the characters in No Hard Feelings, The Girl Next Door is the perfect film to watch.

3 Superbad

The 2007 movie Superbad is a coming-of-age buddy comedy, following Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera). The pair struggle to come to terms with their impending separation of going to different colleges, so they decide to party their troubles away at a massive high school rager. It follows the same plot lines of wanting to lose one’s virginity and come out of one’s shell before college. Considered to be one of the most relatable millennial movies, Superbad features many heartwarming elements in the film, especially between life-long best friends Seth and Even. Superbad definitely captures the essence of No Hard Feelings, making it a great choice for lovers of the film to watch.

2 Can’t Buy Me Love

Ronald and Cindy sitting at the lunch table in Can't Buy Me Love

Can’t Buy Me Love is the 1987 romantic comedy that follows nerdy Ronald Miller and popular cheerleader Cindy Mancini. Ronald pays Cindy money for her to pose as his fake girlfriend for a month, in order to look “cool.” This follows the same storyline of Maddie pretending to date Percy so that he could gain confidence. In both films, the leads fall in love with one another, even though they appear to be inherently different. Having the unassuming romance between the extroverted girl and the nerdy introverted guy makes Can’t Buy Me Love a great film to watch after No Hard Feelings.

1 Failure To Launch

Tripp and Paula smiling in Failure to Launch. 

The 2006 film Failure To Launch is essentially the big brother movie to No Hard Feelings. Thirty-five-year-old Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) is still living with his parents, so his parents hire “professional interventionist” Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker) to rid him of his Peter Pan syndrome. This film has similar tropes to No Hard Feelings, with Paula trying to coax Tripp to live his life outside his parents, while Tripp falls for her. If lovers of No Hard Feelings want a film with a similar story, look no further than Failure To Launch.

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