10 Best Bird Pokemon of All Time

Bird Pokemon make up an extremely large portion of the Flying Type roster, with many of them being common contenders for many Trainers Pokemon teams due to commonly being available at their first form in early routes of each Region. However, bird Pokemon are often overlooked in favor of cuter, cuddlier creatures, so we’ve rounded up ten of the best feathery friends to bring them the love and attention they deserve.

Mega Pidgeot

Mega Pidgeot in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Look at this majestic beast, is there any wonder why it was worthy of receiving a Mega Evolution? Absolutely not. Plus, as one of the original 151 Kanto Pokemon and the final form of Pidgey, the little bird native to the first few routes, Pidgeot holds a special place in the hearts of many. Mega Pidgeot only adds to the appeal, giving this fierce, feathered friend an extra element of badassery with the bright red and blue feathers that spout from its head and tail.


Staraptor in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Staraptor has always been the cool kid of the bird Pokemon crew, and for good reason. I mean look at this edgy guy, he just screams badassery – how could you not love him? Stararptor was also an absolute beast on Ash’s team in the Diamond and Pearl era of the anime, which only adds to the appeal. Honestly, this birb has the best of both worlds, sporting both a ridiculously cool design as well as having great potential for a member of your team on any Sinnoh Region playthrough. Trust me, you’ll want to make sure you catch Staraptor, as this guy can deliver damage with Brave Bird!


Chatot in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Chatot is often overlooked, as it is somewhat forgettable. This poor guy has no evolution line and isn’t all that great when it comes to battle potential, but that doesn’t mean Chatot doesn’t deserve some serious recognition as one of the best birds of all time. After all, this little parrot-like critter is capable of learning to speak human words, making it the only other ‘Mon capable of doing so, apart from Team Rocket’s Meowth. Chatot also ensures safety by mimicking the cries of other Pokemon so that they will refrain from attacking it. A smart birb is best birb!


Corviknight in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Corviknight is the regional bird of Galar and the final evolved form of Rookidee. This birb, however, stands out for being one of the featured ‘Mons to receive a Gigantamax form. Corviknight is also incredibly intelligent, and a strong flyer, owning the skies of Galar with their skills – so much so that they’re used as the Galar Region’s airborne taxi service. I mean, come on, tell me you wouldn’t want to hitch a ride with this spooky-looking steel-feathered birb! 


Talonflame in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Talonflame is well-known among many Fire and Flying Type enthusiasts and was commonly used on the teams of many in the Kalos Region era of games. Talonflame here is one speedy boi, being able to reach speeds of up to 310 mph. However, not only is this fiery feathered foe quick in the skies – Talonflame is also a deadly predator. This ‘Mon is known to feast on other, smaller birds, such as Wingull and Pikipek. Damn, that’s absolutely brutal! Talk about the top of the food chart, much?


Mukrow in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

You may be surprised that Murkrow is here on the list over its evolved form, Honchkrow. And while Honchkrow is one badass Dark Type bird without a doubt, Murkrow here deserves just as much, or more recognition for holding down the fort. You see, Murkrow here was released in Generation 2, the Johto Region, where it was a viable pick. It wasn’t until Generation 4’s Sinnoh Region when Honchkrow was released, meaning for those years in between, Murkrow survived (or even thrived) as a ‘Mon with no evolution line.

This is a rare feat, as these Pokemon are often overlooked and forgotten, but not our shadowy little bird buddy. Little ol’ Murkrow here is widely known and feared by many in Johto due to fables regarding its presence. In reality, though, this guy is a bit of a trash digger, collecting and hoarding anything with the slightest shine. How could you not love the little dude?


Decidueye in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Ah, yes. The Robin Hood bird of the Pokemon world. No, seriously though, Decidueye is one badass Grass owl. The Pokedex states that Decidueye here is capable of firing arrow quills from its wings with such precision, that they can pierce a pebble at distances over a hundred yards. On top of this, Decidueye can nock and fire an arrow at an enemy in a tenth of a second – that’s some seriously impressive archer skills!


Torchic in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Aww, c’mon, who couldn’t love this fuzzy little friend? Starter ‘Mons tend to be as popular as they come within the Pokemon franchise, but Torchic here really is an adorable little critter who holds a special place in the hearts of many who chose it as their starter in Generation 3’s Hoenn Region. Not only is this baby chicken an adorable, fluffy Fire Type, but they are also very loyal and lovable, sticking close to their Trainers with clumsy steps. Also, bonus info: if you hug Torchic, it will glow with warmth. Isn’t that the most adorable thing ever? You’re welcome.

Hisuian Braviary

Hisuian Braviary in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Hisuain Braviary is one badass bird, for multiple reasons. First of all, this guy is one of the biggest bird Pokemon in existence, standing at a whopping five feet! If that wasn’t enough to make this intimidating birb a fearsome flier then perhaps its hunting behaviors will do the trick.

Whilst letting out bloodcurdling battle cries, Hisuian Braviary sends a blast of shock waves to lakes, zapping its prey alive. It will then follow up by snatching up any poor victims that float to the water’s surface. I mean, hey, this is actually kinda admirable, as it seems Hisuian Braviary has the whole work smarter, not harder thing down.

Zapdos, Articuno, & Moltres

Legendary bird trio in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Now this list wouldn’t be complete without the Legendary Bird trio. Not only are these three ‘Mons a part of the original 151 Kantonian specimens, but they are also literally big, powerful, Legendary birbs. Each one of these birds is impressive, powerful, and endearing in different ways, but together, this trio is one of the most iconic within the entire Pokemon franchise, there’s no doubt about it.

Each member of this trio has qualities of a single element – Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Articuno is an elegant Ice and Flying Dual-Type known for causing snow to fall as it flies, Zapdos is a shocking yellow Electric and Flying Dual-Type with spiked feathers known for causing lightning showers, and Moltres is a big, flaming chicken-like Fire and Flying specimen, known for flapping its wings to release flames that turn the sky red.

About the author

Grace Black

Grace is a writer and digital artist from New Zealand with a love for fiction and storytelling. Grace has been writing for Twinfinite for one year and in the games industry for two years. She’s an enthusiast of everything spooky, an occasional anime enjoyer, and a die-hard Ghost-Type Pokemon fangirl. Her favorite video games include Overwatch 2, Life is Strange, The Last of Us, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Pokemon – all of which she will never tire of.

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