10 Actors Who Could Play Supernatural’s Main Characters In A Modern Reboot

Supernatural had a strong 15-season run and even multiple spinoffs, so it would be unsurprising if it was given a modern reboot that recast the main characters. First airing in 2005, Supernatural focused on the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean (played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles), as they followed in their father’s footsteps to fight demons and eliminate dark supernatural entities from the Earth. The Winchester brothers’ relationship was a key aspect of Supernatural and, despite their best efforts, they often struggled to stay as close as when they were young.

The end of Supernatural was as recent as 2020, but it’s more and more common for popular TV shows to be rebooted quickly after the original concluded. One example of this is the Gossip Girl reboot, which although poorly received and quickly canceled created a story that was aimed at Gen Z. The Supernatural prequel series The Winchesters was canceled in 2023 after only one season, so that may be it for the franchise. If Supernatural does want to continue with more stories, though, rebooting the original show with a new cast may be the most successful venture.

10 Benjamin Wadsworth As Sam

Side by Side image: Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural; and Benjamin Wadsworth

Benjamin Wadsworth is familiar with supernatural TV shows, as he previously appeared in Teen Wolf and Unhuman, but he is best known for starring in the cast of the sci-fi series Deadly Class. In the show, Wadsworth plays Marcus, a teenager who struggles to fit into Deadly Arts, a school for the deadliest characters in the world. Through his role as Marcus, Wadsworth has plenty of experience dealing with dark supernatural themes and playing characters trying to improve the world — not without a few rule breaks — so he would be a great fit for Sam Winchester in a Supernatural reboot.

9 Taylor Zakhar Perez As Dean

Side by side image: Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural; and Taylor Zakhar Perez

With Wadsworth as the younger Winchester brother, Taylor Zakhar Perez would be a perfect fit for the older, protective brother, Dean Winchester. Perez shot to fame for his role as Marco in the Kissing Booth franchise and more recently was seen as Alex as part of the cast of Red, White & Royal Blue. Perez has shown his range of emotions in these past roles, including playing protective and riled up in The Kissing Booth. Perez as Dean would give him a chance to transfer these to the supernatural side of acting.

8 Mark Consuelos As John

Side by side image: Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester in Supernatural; and Mark Consuelos

Mark Consuelos is no stranger to starring in a long-running TV show, as he played Hiram Lodge in Riverdale for four seasons. In that role, Consuelos played a dark and conniving character who only seemed to care about his daughter, Veronica, but Hiram was still a terrible parent. Consuelos would be a great John Winchester in a Supernatural reboot due to his ability to play a layered character with secrets. John’s strong and fearless demeanor would be a familiar character to play for Consuelos, and his experience as Hiram would benefit this.

7 Billy Burke As Bobby

Side by side image: Jim Beaver as Bobby in Supernatural; and Billy Burke in Twilight

Bobby Singer is a very strong character in Supernatural, being both a loyal father figure and a rude alcoholic. Billy Burke is plenty familiar with playing a strong and loyal figure in his most well-known role as Bella’s father Charlie in the Twilight movies, and conveniently he wears a lot of flannel in that, too. Burke has also had experience with the supernatural in the horror film Lights Out, and his previous morally good roles would help him portray Bobby, who often spared monsters if he had no reason to kill them.

6 Aja Naomi King As Castiel

Side by side image: Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural; and Aja Naomi King

Despite being a powerful angel, Castiel is still quite naïve and has a tumultuous journey with the Winchester brothers. Aja Naomi King’s most popular role is Michaela Pratt in How to Get Away with Murder where she plays a strong, independent character who sometimes thinks she is better than everyone else, yet is still quite naïve and fearful. King has proved her wide range of acting in How to Get Away with Murder alone, but she has quite the filmography under her belt that supports her ability to play Castiel in a Supernatural reboot.

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5 D.B. Woodside As Crowley

Side by side image: Mark A. Sheppard as Crowley in Supernatural; and D.B. Woodside

Not only does D.B. Woodside have experience with the supernatural, but his role as Amenadiel in Lucifer has made him plenty familiar with acting against angels and demons. Woodside’s roles in Lucifer, The Night Agent, and Suits have proved he has the range to play Supernatural’s Crowley. Woodside’s Amenadiel is just as suave as Crowley, and his other characters have all faced moral dilemmas that would help him play the less-than-virtuous Crowley in a Supernatural reboot.

4 Hong Chau As Lucifer

Side by side image: Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer in Supernatural; and Hong Chau in The Night Agent

Another actor from The Night Agent who would be a great fit in a Supernatural reboot is Hong Chau. She has built an impressive filmography in the last few years, with roles in The Whale, The Menu, and Asteroid City. Chau’s range would make her a great fit for Lucifer, and her role as Diane Farr on The Night Agent showed she is more than capable of playing a character with dark intentions. Lucifer is angry, jealous, and very powerful, and Chau’s past characters have shown different levels of power. Chau could use her ability to play powerful and meek characters to create quite a disconcerting Lucifer.

3 Elizabeth Gillies As Ruby

Side by side image: Katie Cassidy as Ruby in Supernatural; and Elizabeth Gillies

Supernatural’s Ruby is a demon who lives up to her role, particularly with her strong dedication to Lucifer. Elizabeth Gillies’s filmography makes her the perfect candidate for Ruby’s recast in a reboot of the show. Gillies played the dark, horror-loving, and slightly violent Jade West in Victorious and also Dynasty’s manipulative, spoiled, and powerful Fallon Carrington. Gillies has the ability to play Ruby’s dark demeanor and her history of playing characters who delight in this personality makes her a great fit for Ruby.

2 Eamon Farren As Azazel

Side by side image: Frederic Lehne as Azazel in Supernatural; and Eamon Farren in The Witcher

Azazel is another demon in Supernatural who delights in inflicting pain. He is sadistic and not opposed to torturing his victims, an overall evil character whom Eamon Farren would be able to capture spectacularly. Farren has covered a variety of genres, from supernatural to romance, and his most recent role in The Witcher shows he has the ability to play the demon Azazel. Farren’s Cahir in The Witcher performed a range of dark acts, and the actor is familiar with the supernatural through the series. His ability to play the stoic, quiet evil fighter and explode with his emotions would make him a perfect Azazel.

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1 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 As The Impala

Side by side image of Supernatural's Impala; and a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z:28

Just as important as the other characters in Supernatural is Dean’s Chevrolet Impala, given to him by his father. In an homage to the original show, a reboot should keep the classic car style, just slightly updated, and use the 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28. It has a slightly sportier look with the iconic two lines down the bonnet and a shorter body, but the classic style would still hold value as a car passed down from father to son. The Camaro still has plenty of space to hide Dean and Sam’s weapons, just like in the original Supernatural.

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